Although a bit too early, the praise is still well deserved

Found this very positive article about the new and upcoming version of Debian 11 “Bullseye” in The Register yesterday. And although its author writes about a “release” a bit too early (RC2 is just out), his praise for this universal operating system is still well deserved, and his thoughts on topics like Debian vs. Arch or other things are very much congruent with my own ones.

So although I really recommend reading the article – especially if you heard about rumors of an upcoming Windows 11 (which will force you into using a Microsoft account if you got the “Home” version) – the real facts are here:

Full Freeze starts on 2021-07-17

The current RC2 (release *candidate* 2) can be downloaded here – most normal PCs would need the amd64 variant of this.

The work-in-progress release notes – and this page also tells you that it’s *not yet* released – can be found here. The planned release date is July 31st which could still change, so let’s wait and see.

But I know what I will download and use for the next 4- 5 years or until Debian 12 will be out. For those of you who don’t know much about it, see more on the Debian homepage. And thanks to the whole team for your work!