What a cool photo of Paul!

Paul Davis, creator of Ardour and Jack, in the Scottish Highlands

You can listen to him and to ‘unfa’, a vlogger from Poland tomorrow, see here.

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OTA update for a 9 year old device…

… how cool! Just got an over-the-air update of LineageOS on the Nexus 5, a mobile phone from 2013:

LineageOS OTA update

It’s still based upon Android 11 – but considering that Google stopped supporting this device with Android 6 or 7, this is still worlds apart. Gotta *love* open source! Thanks to everyone involved, you guys & girls help saving the planet!

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P.S.: A few days ago I’ve read that Android 13 – the version we currently have on our Pixel devices – needs at least 2GB of RAM to be installed, even the open source AOSP version. So I guess that would be borderline compatible for this older Nexus 5 device, but let’s see – Android 12 could still be coming in open source form for it. Love this…

Screenshot annotations in Linux

I’m helping out Richard with the Wikiloops project a bit, and sometimes like in every other bug report system, you need screenshots. No problem, in Linux (I use the Gnome desktop, mostly), it’s just a keystroke or two away. But how to annotate?

Like this:


I found Ksnip in an article on LinuxLinks via LXer. Very useful as you can see… problem solved.

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For the kiddos

Yep – John Goerzen’s story made me smile, as it has a lot of parallels to my own one. Ok for me it was a 300 baud acoustic coupler, a C64, and the first network to speak about was probably Datex-P, but still… these were the not so good old times if you think about it, and “Gen-Z” as they are called have so much power in their hands now (but also so many possible distractions). A very interesting read, but who knows – maybe only for me?

And yes, sure I remember DEC computers, or Novell’s Netware – a company like Microsoft didn’t even know how to spell TCP/IP at that time 😉

Found via Planet Debian. Thanks for reading.

Support free software with your picture

If you’d like to see your tax money used for good, you can support the FSFE (Free Software Foundation Europe) with a pic, using their sharepic generator, like this:

Public Money? Public Code! campaign from the FSFE

If you don’t want to show your own pic, ask a friend if s/he will support it:

I <3 free software campaign from the FSFE

See their page. And thanks in case you’re supporting this as well.

“You must use Linux”

Made me smile:

“This section describes how to set up your local work environment to build the Android source files. You must use Linux; building under either MacOS or Windows isn’t supported. Keep in mind the important change to the /usr/bin/python binary as well.”


And yes, that’s Google, on how to build your own version of Android for phones or tablets…

Android 11 on a Google Nexus 5 phone

I wrote about testing /e/OS on the older Google Nexus 5 device which we still have, and I like it a lot. The privacy aspect alone, using microG instead of the Google services, is wonderful. However, the latest official Android from Google is version 6 (codename ‘Marshmallow’), and the latest /e/OS is still based upon Android 7 (codename ‘Nougat’), so they’re both quite old even when the build on /e/OS is from October 2021.

But on the XDA developers’ forum, I found a much newer ‘unofficial’ version of LineageOS for the same device, based on Android 11. To install that, you need a bootloader which can repartition the device a bit, and then you can find links for the image and also for the ‘pico’ sized version of OpenGApps here. And together with the usual tools from Google and the howto from LineageOS, this is quite doable…

So by now my old phone looks a bit different again, in fact, *much* different from /e/OS:

LineageOS 18.1 on a Google Nexus 5

And, checking the OS version, it indeed shows Android 11 (the build is only a few days old):

LineageOS 18.1 means/is based upon Android 11

So *that* is interesting, isn’t it? Ok this is an unofficial build – thanks z3DD3r from XDA devs – but I’m very curios to check out this one…

This would have been a bit easier with the Pixel 3a which we just gave to my brother, because for that one you’ll still get official builds, even LineageOS for microG (that would be the ‘sargo’ image of LineageOS 19.1 (based on Android 12.1) from the LineageOS for microG pages…)

How cool… I’ll play around with the one a bit now, and keep an eye on the folks over at LineageOS – will they offer Android 13 for ‘sargo’? And next year, Android 14 for both ‘sargo’ and ‘sunfish’ (codename for my Pixel 4a)? I’ll keep you informed.

Edit, from 19:18 same day:

I rearranged the home screen a bit, and now that almost looks like my Pixel 4a phone with its original Android 13 from Google. Have a look:

LineageOS 18.1 (Android 11) on a 9 year old Google Nexus 5 device

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Currently trying out Syncthing on both my mobile phones and on my machine. And it works beautifully on all devices; now photos taken with one of the phones are sent to my machine automagically…

Cookie’s pic transferred with Syncthing, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2022

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