A simple and unscientific test

Today I made a test: I took both of the smart phones off of their chargers when I started work this morning, and placed them beside my workplace like this:

Smartphones ’21

These are, from left to right: the Apple iPhone SE (2020 model) which belongs to my employer, and the Google Pixel 4a phone which I “bought for one shilling” from my wife.

The test was: I wanted to see how much battery power was left after a full day of work, without using both devices. My expectation was that the Apple device with its A13 chip would win by quite some degree against the Google device with its Snapdragon chip.

And of course, “not using them” wasn’t exactly true – while the Apple device was silent, I heard the Pixel phone’s “Pling!” sound several times when someone sent me an email via GMX – don’t know if the display went on because I haven’t seen it, but I guess so (usually it does). The GMX app is also installed and configured on the iPhone, but notifications weren’t allowed on it. Another (unfair) advantage for Apple? I have no idea…

So after work – and I shut down my notebook after a bit more than nine and a half hours uptime including lunch break – I looked at both. Result: 93% battery left on the Apple, 99% on the Google phone.

Interesting. Obviously, Google has learnt how to let its Pixel phones doze (can hardly say ‘sleep’ when all of the time they’re in fact waiting for something to happen). Power management seems to be perfect on these. Would be interesting to compare it with Apple’s new A14 chip in the newer iPhone 12 – that one is the first 5nm CPU just like the M1 chip in Apple’s new “Silicon” machines… but as you can see, it’s not all just hardware…

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First snow for 2021

We’ve had a bit of snow last fall, and I’ve written about that, but for this winter we now had the first one… just took a photo with +0.7 exposure to keep whites white, then adjusted the white balance in Gimp, and cropped it to 800×600 pixels so I could send it with mail. Now I also uploaded it to Flickr, from where I show it here again as usual:

First snow for 2021, Mörfelden Walldorf 2021

Also on Flickr, but from yesterday short before my lunch break: a photo of Tuna on the heated floor (and carpet):

Nothing better than a heated floor, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2021

Oh, and since I don’t have an own nice snow song, here’s one from “Südwestlicht”, from 2013, made entirely with Linux:

As always, thanks for viewing, reading, watching, and listening. Be well, and keep warm everyone… 🙂

First walk for 2021: around our “Müllberg”

We have an artificial hill which is about 5.5km by car from here, heading South-Southwest, see it on Google Maps here:

Screenshot from 2021-01-02 12-35-08
Aussichtspunkt Oberwaldberg on Google Maps

And as you can see, its official name is “Oberwaldberg”, tho everyone here just calls it “Müllberg”. It’s renaturated and surrounded by some nice lakes and fields, home of many birds again, so quite nice. Last time we went there it was kind of late and getting dark, so today I decided to walk around and on top of that hill again, taking my camera with the 25mm/1.4 “normal” lens. Here are some photos:

Our “Müllberg” from South-West, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2021

This is as close as you can get from an industrial area in the Southwest of the small hill, so this is where I parked and left the car. As you can see, I wasn’t alone but then again it wasn’t really crowded as well, I’ve met maybe half a dozen people during the whole walk around and on top of it.

Looking South, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2021

Here I’m looking South from the way you saw on the first photo, into the general direction of Darmstadt (we’re as close to Darmstadt as we are to Frankfurt, both are about 15km away in almost exact opposite directions). This is where the sun was during my walk which was a bit chilly at times…

Oberwaldsee, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2021

This is part of the Oberwaldsee, one of two lakes at the foot of Oberwaldberg. It’s nice, even in Winter.

Home, airport, and Taunus as seen from our “Müllberg”, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2021

This is the view back home from our Müllberg. We live in one of these higher buildings behind the second line of trees in the front. Behind our home and another forest and all the way to the left is the airport, and behind that are some smaller villages and then the mountain line of the Taunus which is North of Frankfurt.

So near and so far, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2021

This is the view from a second and slightly lower lookout, with the general direction about 286 degrees West-Northwest. I called this “So near and so far” because that is what you see, especially when you see the airplanes leaving.

According to the step counter of my mobile phone, I walked some 2.5km and about 4,000 steps.

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Last and first portraits, and a radio show

The last portrait I took in 2020 was this one:

Tuna on the table, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2020
last portrait of the year 2020

And while I’m writing this, I’m listening to our member-announced radio show. Have a listen:


Blows me away. That’s so cool, thanks to everyone who contributed here…

And my first portrait of the new year, taken with the Pixel 4a mobile phone:

Tuna sleeping on the carpet, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2021
first portrait of the year 2021

Thanks for reading, viewing, listening.

Happy new year to all of you 🙂 And the same of course to all of my friends over there at the ‘loops 🙂

Today, 16 years ago…

… in a hospital in Bremen, Zuleikha was born. Don’t know if I can show you her picture (haven’t asked yet), but here are her birthday calendar, and our cat, both in black & white and with a simulated Kodak Tri-X film:

Birthday calendar, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2020
Tuna the cat on ZUleikha’s birthday, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2020

As always, thanks for viewing.

Tuna, sleeping on boxing day 2020

Sending out so many Christmas wishes on behalf of the family got our brave little companion a bit exhausted – so as usual she was resting next to my feet a bit:

Tuna the sleeping cat, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2020

Although I had the camera set to black & white already, this is “developed” using RawTherapee on Linux only, with a Kodak Tri-X film simulation. I also cropped the image into the 3:2 format like we had in the old film days. Light was pretty much non-existent, so this is ISO 1600 with a bit of electronic noise added to the simulated film grain. My 25mm/1.4 lens is fully open, still this was 1/8th or even 1/6th of a second – I’m really thankful for today’s IBIS (in-body image stabilisation).

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Edit, ca. 3.5 hours later: alive and kicking again. Here taken with a studio strobe:

Tuna on the sofa, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2020

Again, thanks for viewing.

Merry Christmas from Ms Tuna (and from her family)

It should speak volumes when you have your real camera in reach but still take the mobile phone to take a portrait. No, the handling of the phone is much worse that that of a real camera – but I still like what it does. This is “OOC”, or “out of camera”, with the phone’s software in “portrait” mode, and “enhancing” it after the shot:

Merry Christmas from Ms Tuna, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2020

As always, thanks for viewing. And merry Christmas to those who celebrate it.

Those last three black & white images…

You’ve seen them already if you read this blog, but here they are side by side, as a screenshot from my Flickr stream:

These were all unprocessed, and from left to right, taken with a smartphone (Google Pixel 4a), my normal digital camera (Olympus), and film (Agfa).

I think I see different tones here – the one on the left seems “warm”, the film image “cool”, and the middle one “neutral”. What do you think and see? Interesting to see what comes out of cameras without any manipulation (ok, in the film case you can’t really say that – it’s not only the film, but also the developer, and here a picture printed out on a certain paper (Fuji), scanned in by our all-in-one HP office printer/scanner… but that would apply no matter how you’d digitize a negative, you’d always have at least that one additional device…).

Anyhow, as you see I sometimes just like black & white (or, as my brother said lately, black – the background is white already (if you think subtractive)).

As always, thanks for viewing, and for reading.