Two close-ups

Today I mounted my ZD 50mm/2 macro lens from the Four Thirds system onto my OM-D E-M10 camera, using Mitchie’s MMF-2 adapter. Here are two photos which I took using that combination at f/3.5 or f/4 together with one of my studio strobes and a gridded beauty dish:


Carrera S


Zuleikha, March 2015

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Solar eclipse 2015, as seen from Frankfurt, Germany

Today we had a partial solar eclipse. It started at about 9:30 (am) at the place where we live and where I work, and the peak was forecasted for 10:38 – so I went out with some colleagues (almost all of them with mobile phones as cameras), and took a photo:


Solar eclipse 2015, as seen above Frankfurt, Germany

See more photos from other photographers (and one taken from a satellite) on the Flick blog.

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Had a Prius for a day

Our car had to have its front brakes repaired, so it had to stay at the dealer for a day. And this time finally I asked for a hybrid replacement – and got it:


Toyota Prius

Lovely car. Surely not everyone’s cup of tea, but for the daily suburban commutes, you’d hardly find a better one.

I took that photo this morning at my employers’ garage. By now we have back our Corolla – and I’m still happy with that one as well. Even if it takes 2 liters more on each 100 kilometers than this bigger cousin.

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Sometimes at or around the office…

… inspiration strikes, if you allow me that term without sounding too blasé.

For instance, when I sat at my colleague Gunther’s place lately and saw the sun forming a pattern of light on his desk, then sure, I’d loved to have – maybe parts of – a gorgeous nude female body in the frame. But that would have been too cliché (Lucien Clergue did that perfectly already), and after giving it a thought or two, I liked what I saw enough to just take it as it was:


Zebra office, March 2015

And if you think about work, don’t you also sometimes think that somehow everything is wrong, like turned upside down? Right – so do I:


Look down to look up (and to see floating stones), March 2015

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Some photos taken with the kit zoom

Today Zuleikha was invited to her friend Alina’s birthday party. So at around 3 o’clock (pm, that’s 15 o’clock here), we dropped her at some commercial indoor playground. Then we went for a short walk around “Oberwaldberg” (which is the official name of the hill, we people from Mörfelden and Mörfelden-Walldorf call it what it is – the garbage hill).

Mitchie had the 45mm/1.8 on her E-PL5, and I had the 14-42mm kit zoom of my E-PL5 mounted onto my E-M10. With that, I took some photos during our walk:





I had to drive Mitchie home, so we missed what I would describe as one of the best sundowns of this year (so far). But that’s life – the lamb she prepared at home was fantastic as well.

These photos aren’t sharpened during post processing, so that kit zoom really is that good.

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Some photos in black & white

I had my E-M10 camera set to black & white lately. So here are some photos mostly like they came out of camera already (except the first one which I cropped into a 7:6 format which the camera cannot do by itself):


Self portrait, grim, b&w, 7:6, March 2015


Tuna the cat, March 2015


Crossy road

For the last one I set the camera to crop into a 3:2 format internally, so it looks a bit more like that old Leica format (which is used in every other APS-C and also “full frame” (film-sized) camera today).

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