Three random takes on ‘Sweet Georgia Brown’

The conductor of the orchestra in which I’m helping out sent me another piece via email – and this time it’s a real fun one as it seems. And with about 100 years of age I guess you might call it ‘oldie but goldie’. If you look up the title on Youtube and select three, it can be as interesting as this:

  1. Jazz Manouche example:

2. Older, more to the original ‘Foxtrot’ or ‘Charleston’ style:

3. Much slower, but swinging real hard on this Jazz Standard:

As you see, the possibilities on songs like this one are endless – although with my electric bass I can’t of course get anywhere near to what Ray Brown did here…

Really lookin’ forward to playin’ on that one 😀 What a nice idea! 😀

See also: English or German Wikipedia pages about this song.

Deer and nutria

Just back from a short trip to Mönchbruch where I took a few photos. Here are two of them:

Deer, Mönchbruch 2020
Nutria, Mönchbruch 2020

As always, thanks for reading and viewing.

And today, Zuleikha took my picture

We haven’t done this in a while, so today I asked our talented daughter to take my photo together with my bass. I set up one of the studio strobes and a grey background for this, then borrowed Zuleikha’s piano bench, and we had a bit of fun with my camera. I liked this one, especially after converting it to black & white:

Wolfgang with bass, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2020
photographer: Zuleikha

A bit of a fake double bass posture, but that was part of the fun 🙂

As always, thanks for reading, and for viewing. And thanks again to our small one for being so kind to take her old dad’s picture again.

Tales of Yore, 2 adds

I played on that awesome track from Rick aka ‘acousticeg’ and also included it into my latest album (see the blog post before/below this one). And since then I received two more adds already, since the piece was still left wide open by us. So here they are, in case you’re interested:

Thank, or rather merci to our friends, these are so nice 🙂 And thanks to you for your interest, and for reading and listening.

Wolf & Gang – VIII

Just published my eighth album with collaborations on Wikiloops:

Wolf & Gang – VIII, on Wikiloops. Photo ©2015 by Mélanie Gomez

A click on the cover here will lead you to Flickr, but a click on the text link or on the small cover in the right Widget area will lead you to Wikiloops where you can hear and/or download the album.

Looking forward to the next one already – and I asked Mélanie if she would take my photo for it again.

As always, thanks to my friends world-wide with whom I had the pleasure and the honour to make music. And thanks to you for reading and/or listening and/or downloading the album.

Rise and Shine

A really wonderful & jazzy funky theme from Marc, jhonrobert, and Alex – so I added a few low notes and tried to support that groove:

Still some space for soli in there, and the list of musicians until now is:

Thanks to my friends for the fun I had, and thanks to you for listening.

He’s Left The Clan

Short but irresistibly sweet piece by YuuLi, a relatively new member in Wikiloops whose first upload was a 9/8, and whose singing reminded me of other great artists like Joni Mitchell – so I wanted to play with that incredibly talented young woman since she joined us. And today I could finally try a few low notes on one of her tracks (originally an a capella of hers, no less!):

And that nice nylon guitar is also played by a relatively new member, also from France, who calls himself ‘Al-Fadista’. So here’s the list of musicians so far:

Thanks to my friends for all the fun, and thanks to you for reading, and for listening.

Tales of Yore

So after 3 internet outages during the last week, and one first rehearsal of the orchestra where I’m helping out for an injured bass player we now seem to have a stable connection again (knock on wood!), and I could log in to Wikiloops again, and download some songs to play on.

Haven’t done much with Rick aka ‘acousticeg’ since quite some time – if I remember correctly since my first album in the beginning of 2018¹. So I was glad to find an awesome new template of his, and couldn’t resist to adding some low end to it:

List of musicians so far – just him and melike here:

I’ve tried to keep his nice triplet feel in this one, and to also support his flagiolet tones with some from my fretless bass. Hope you like it as much as I did while playing on it.

As always, thanks for reading, and for listening. And thanks also to Rick for the fun I had.

¹Wrong – I did “Beneath the Waves” as another collaboration with him in November, even as a video collab. So this is our third one together after the intial “The way that she moves” with Shi from March 2018 🙂