New headphones for work

At work, my headphones were pretty damaged, and about to give up the ghost and just fall apart. Well that is what 3 or 4 years of daily usage do to a pair of 20€ headphones I guess. So I had to get some replacement.

At home, I have the Sennheiser HD598SE which are just awesome – best I’ve ever had, so I was thinking of Sennheiser again. But the ones at home are ‘open’, which means that they don’t isolate you from your surrounding, and they also won’t isolate your surrounding from you and whatever you’re listening to. So a comparable set as a ‘closed’ design would be much better for work – where the main purpose is to isolate myself against the office cacophonia (hear marmotte’s awesome title with that name).

Turns out the Sennheiser HD569 – a bit cheaper than my HD598SE – are exactly that:

They arrived today, and I compared them to the ones I had already. The result: if you just want or need the better pair of headphones and don’t mind a few extra Euros, get the HD598 (or now its successor, the HD599). But the HD569 is pretty good, and it really takes you out of your surrounding should you want or need that. I would call them ‘honest’, and although they lack the last tiny bit of deep bass or crisp highs which the HD598 will give you, they are really good for what they are.

I think I’ve made the right choice. Maybe I’ll write more about this after a few days at work.

Thanks for reading.

Wow. This really works…

Some 3 months ago I’ve finally set up encryption on this server again, using the relatively new LetsEncrypt certificates and routines.

And because it’s now almost 3 months ago and I knew that these certificates would expire, I assumed that I still had to tweak a bit, and to interact to keep it going.

But looking at those details of the green lock symbol from my Firefox now showed me this:

How cool. Automagically renewed certs, obviously valid until January now. I’ll keep checking, but what a relief. And somehow I must have done it correctly 🙂

wikiloops operators address 2017

Revisiting this video from slightly over one year ago:

I’m a supporting member, and I still hit that ‘donate’ button this year already. And I’m asking each Wikiloops member who can afford it to do the same. Supporting Wikiloops is supporting ourselves. We have the best platform out there by far.


Virtual Realities by marmotte

What a surprise to find this great gift on this Sunday morning:

So classy, so great – and I’m so proud to be even included into her great work! Downloaded this one immediately (which by the by with 2,40€ costs next to nothing even for non-Wikiloops members, for supporting members like me it’s free).

So – my recommended listening for today, and also my album of the day (or week? month? Let’s see).

Zuleikha plays her composition “You stood by”

Our daughter allowed me to upload this on Wikiloops, where she also added the chord structure:

This track is embedded with the friendly permission by the creatives on

And she’s collecting some thumb-ups and nice comments already, which is cool. Waiting for her to create her own identity in the ‘loops, so I could give her thumbs-ups as well (and maybe play some bass on some of her stuff?).

Thanks for listening.

It gets jazzier…

Fresh from the publishing press this evening:

Screenshot from 2018-10-31 23-31-43

Hear it here if you want. Download it if you like it.

Involved musicians:

Screenshot from 2018-10-31 23-30-48

Thanks for listening. I also set up a small link to this album in the widgets on the right, just like I did for the other three.

Update from Nov 1st:

And this morning, my newest was album of the day over at Wikiloops:

Thanks for reading, and for listening.