Bella from today (Tuesday, 18th of June 2024)

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Edit: at Heise+ – which sadly I can’t afford – they have an article about minimalistic black & white studio photography. Well, I *do* have a camera and some studio strobes, and one of them is kind of permanently installed at our dining area – so I just sat down for a “selfie”. Camera is my Olympus E-M10 Mk2 with a Panasonic 35-100mm lens, and they were triggered by my smartphone. The studio strobe (with gridded beauty dish) was triggered by radio signal from the camera. Looks like this:

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Youtube is messing around with ad-blockers again

Time to consider some alternatives, isn’t it? Have a look:

Here’s an example of some cool music which you also can find on federated networks (another Peertube instance):

Even if all you want is to host some audio content, there’s for instance Funkwhale which was shown in the first of these two videos. Have a look at them.

I’m really considering of moving all my Youtube stuff over to Peertube, so that viewers don’t have to watch ads which I cannot prevent. Time to stop all of this nonsense.

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Oh my, it’s end of May already…

… where did the time go? Okay, here are some photos I took. First is on Flickr:


And second is on the Fediverse (a Mastodon server):

I also tried to figure out a bassline for a friend, using the fretless before taking the big upright bass. So here’s my Squier beside my computer desk:

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while two of the three photos from above come from my home on a Mastodon server, I just also opened a new account on, currently with only two photos on it. Have a look if you like, I guess I’ll post more there soon(ish).

I wasn’t prepared for this…

… stumbled upon a Tiny Desk Concert lately which was nice, but then I started looking at more of NPR’s content, and found this. As commenter @___sabr said:

“What real musicians sound like. No pre-recorded, No Producer tricks. Straight and uncut talent. πŸ”ŠπŸŽΆπŸŽ΅πŸŽΈπŸŽΉ(Harlem is listening πŸ‘‚πŸΎ 🎧)”


… and I really wasn’t prepared for that last one… enjoy.

Some pictures and thoughts, end of April 2024

Here are two more photos of our cat, one from the 6th of April:


… and one portrait in black & white from today, cropped to a 5:4 format:


On some other news, Zuleikha’s FitBit Inspire had a very dim (monochrome) display lately, so after some driving around and looking at available options, she opted for the same Xiaomi Smart Band 8 which I also have. I think she likes it, although she’s using it with the vendors’ Mi Fitness app instead of Gadgetbridge which I am using. Still a good choice in my opinion, especially for the price (hers was even a bit cheaper than mine).

Anyway, like always, thanks for reading and viewing.