Google Pixel Buds A-Series

Got them for Mitchie during the last Black Friday Sale, and later for myself, both 40% off, so almost two for one:

Google Pixel Buds A-Series, dark olive (Picture: Google)

They sound okay, with a very full bass, even more so than the Moondrop Chu in-ears with cables. Not the best and most HiFi (or neutral) sounding headphones – the Moondrops are probably even better in that regard, but I’ve tried them with a bit of Wikiloops radio and TV via the Zapp app, and they’re good, and even for TV you won’t really notice the latency. Then I listened to one of my own albums because I know the sound of these of course, and yes, they’re still nice – of course not comparable to my open Sonarworks-corrected Sennheisers, but if you want neutral on your phones, there’s always Wavelet – if you believe in that. My personal experience especially with in-ears is that it’s mostly the correct fit which “makes” the sound, especially in the lows. And both Mitchie’s Jabra Elite Active 75T and my Moondrop Chu can’t reach these here in the bass *in my ears* (yours might be different – Zuleikha for instance would prefer the Jabras I think). Anyway, in case you want to read and know more about Wavelet, you can do that here, here, or here. Or directly at the source.

I started listening to my album with both the phone and the earbuds at 100% charge, and after the 41 minutes of my album it was 97% for the phone and 87% for the earbuds. All good.

So yes, if you want to (or have to) get rid of the cable, and for casual listening and/or phone calls, and for 59€ these are nice ones. Recommended.

Using open source for music and video, by Bransby

This is a very cool video about what you can achieve using “only” open source software when creating music and videos for the tubes. The gentleman calls himself “Bransby“, and his explanation of things is about the best I’ve seen, so thanks for that, sir! Here we go:

Recording and Mixing using Open Source Software – Ubuntu, Ardour, Calf Plugins

I’ll use this for friends in Wikiloops in case they’ll ask about a howto, so thanks again for your good work and for the nice explanation, Bransby. Oh, and your song is great as well 🙂

And God created Cat

Found on the Flickr stream of Eva S. – please click on the photo to visit her Flickr collection:

Für Katzenliebhaber
Für Katzenliebhaber, from Eva S. (not her text as she wrote)

Thanks Eva! Made my day… 🙂

Our neighbours’ cats…

… still come visiting from time to time. Mostly they’ll get something to eat and drink, and then they sometimes rest a while. Like Cookie:

Cookie, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2022

Or like Wilma and Crunchy:

Mother & Son, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2022

It’s not always that peaceful, so I took the chance to get some snapshots. Like always, thanks for viewing.

Backstreet Rookie – a webtoon series with awesome music

In case you have Netflix, this is a good tip (see Wikipedia and/or IMDB). I hadn’t heard the term ‘webtoon‘ before, but this seems to be the current big thing coming from Korea, and with this series based upon such a webtoon, that might explain its charm – it’s adorable. I totally agree with IMDB reviewer kgolmei who wrote that this is a “Must watch: A stress reliever!!!”. Even the music is awesome – here’s the 6-head girl group April with “Crazy”, one of the main themes of the show (together with a few pictures of it):

[M/V] 에이프릴(APRIL) – Crazy :: 편의점 샛별이 OST Part.2

In case you prefer the lyrics, there’s another video with these.

Oh, and I always suggest watching shows like these in their original versions, with subtitles of your choice (I take English most of the time). That way, you get many more of the original expressions and feelings of the actors/actresses, most of which would be lost in translations.

Again, kgolmei is right: What a relief to see something this nice. And as always, thanks for reading/viewing/listening.

Wilma, hiding

Here’s a photo I took yesterday, when I saw Wilma in one of her favourite hiding spots:

Wilma in one of her favourite hiding spots, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2022

They are all hunters and huntresses…

Like always, thanks for viewing.

This is interesting…


Could it be that not everyone sees it as an improvement if new CPUs run at 95°C and draw over 200 Watts out of your wall sockets? With ever shrinking dies and conducting paths, energy saving could have been the goal, not beating Intel in frames per second in computer games. Who wants to draw 500 or more Watts just for gaming? Don’t these CEOs learn and think? Just look at Apple, their M2 chips are the ones to beat, not Intel’s…

My 5700G is perfect, and idling at less than 20 Watts while I’m writing this… and AMD’s 7000 series could have been so much better than that, it’s a shame to see what they did instead.

I was awake early enough, but…

… this small guy came and laid down right on my legs, where he felt safe & warm as it seems…

Zzzzz…, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2022

This is a collage of photos taken with my Google Pixel 4a phone, and in some cases, using its internal processing.

Like always, thanks for viewing.

Looking at / listening to Ardour 7.1 on Windows

Today I’ve been looking at & listening to the new Ardour 7.1 free and open source software DAW on Windows 11. Looks and sounds awesome:

Ardour 7.1 on Windows 11, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2022

The music you see within that program is from Dan and Chris, you can listen to that one on Wikiloops if you’d like to. The program seems to work fine, so next step is to also install it on Linux 🙂

And like always, thanks for viewing, listening, and reading.

Some phone shots from today – and some screenshots

At the moment, all three neighbours’ cats are here, and all are sleeping. Two (Wilma and Crunchy) on my bed, and one (Cookie) on the sofa. Earlier, I caught Wilma on my lap with the phone in my hands:

Wilma on my lap, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2022

I had been trying different versions of LineageOS on an older Google Nexus 10 tablet device which we had laying around unused, and after trying some unofficial ones I decided to try the latest official build which you can get from, which is LineageOS 13.0 – [ Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) ] as you can see here:


That is some years old already as well (the tablet is about 10, this image more than 4 years old), but it is still a nice compromise between speed, stability, and features. Being the equivalent of Android 6 under its hood, I could even install the Zapp app from the F-Droid store, and so now we can watch Live and/or streamed TV on it, like so:

News (via Zapp app, see on a 10 year old Nexus 10 device running LineageOS ‘Marshmallow’, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2022

I had to interrupt my activities to send Mitchie to work with the car, and when we came down to the garage I saw that some neighbour had parked a nice new Honda motorcycle right in front of their partly covered Fiat 500 and beside our car. After coming back, I took a quick pic of that as well:

A brand new motorcycle, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2022

Oh, and when looking into my blog software today I saw that I’ve got a new version of that as well:


So I’ll have to see what’s new, and whether any of the also new templates (2022 and 2023) are looking good…

So all photos in this article came from my Pixel 4a phone, and the screenshots from my computer. As always, thanks for reading and for viewing.