Those jazz brushes

And here’s my newest musical instrument, photographed with Mitchie’s camera (my own one is sent for repair):


You can hear these brushes on the unicorn song from the last few posts (different versions).

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One camera takes a picture of another…

So my camera is in Hamburg, at Olympus German headquarters to check what’s wrong, and to estimate how much a repair would cost.

And without borrowing any of my older cameras from Zuleikha who now has most of them (my E-520, my E-PL1, and Mitchie’s E-PL5), I still have what almost everyone has (and carries around, I normally don’t do that) – a “smart” phone with built-in camera.

In my case that’s Mitchie’s old Google Nexus 5 which she gave to me after I bought 5X models for her and for Zuleikha. So this evening I just grabbed that phone and took a photo of Mitchie’s:

Not too bad for a really small sensor 8MP device – if you don’t “pixel-peep” (and who in his or her right mind would do anything like that? 😉 ), it’s actually usable.

So now I’m waiting for Olympus Germany to tell me a number…

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The unicorn and rabbit dance

… and now it gets really cute, sweet, and lovely:

This track is embedded with the friendly permission by the creatives on

List of musicians:

Many thanks go to “Jypeka” and to his adorable little girl 🙂 Isn’t Wikiloops a great place to be in? I just love it there! 🙂

Edit: here is Jypeka’s original version, starring Erin 🙂

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On this version, all drums & bass are from Arnosolo, not from me 🙂

Teach my unicorn to whistle

“Pewi” completed our little unicorn song in a quite wonderful way – and wow, that man can really whistle! Listen:

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Thanks to Arno, Shi, and Peter – and thanks to you for reading and for listening!

… and now it *did* happen …

I was thinking loudly about photography gear end of October because someone over at Imaging Resource wrote about benefits of ‘crop’ sensor cameras, meaning those with a sensor smaller than 24x36mm. And my resumée was that if my camera died today I’d probably just go and get its successor, or a Pen-F.

And since yesterday my camera is dead. I tried several batteries, and with or without lenses, but the thing just doesn’t properly switch on anymore.

I took a photo with Mitchie’s E-M5 Mk2 yesterday, which is a pretty camera, lots faster than my first generation E-M10 was, and it’s weather sealed. So should I get that one instead, while my heart would still choose a Pen-F? Here’s someone who has both:

After watching this, and seeing those breath taking black & whites from the Pen-F, for me the choice is pretty clear. And yes, I know, shoot raw and do the b&w conversions later – but there’s more to life than time spent in front of your computer…

I think I’ll just jump for the Pen-F. That back LCD focus point moving while looking through its viewfinder (without touching your nose against it), and those gorgeous black and whites directly out of camera, that’s just my cup of tea. Yes, it’s expensive. And yes, for video, or for taking photos in the rain, Mitchie’s E-M5 Mk2 is the better one. Still… for me, this is the modern day Leica (especially with those Panasonic built but Leica branded lenses), and if you compare a Pen-F to those German rangefinders, then the Olympus is a steal.

And yes, I also know that these days you could get a cheap “full frame” for the same amount of money. But I wouldn’t want to carry any of these around (except maybe, a Leica M. But I’d rather buy a car than a Leica).

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Beneath the waves

This is a premiere weekend. I not only uploaded my first track making noise with jazz brushes and finger snapping yesterday; today I also uploaded my first (music) video into my Youtube channel. It’s only a remix of what was there before, like the music in it:

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List of musicians:

And here’s the video I uploaded:

Thanks for reading, watching, and listening.

Teach my unicorn to dance

Such a wonderful track from Arnosolo and Shi – I just downloaded Arno’s first template (ukulele and guitar) and Shi’s vocals and added jazz brushes, finger snaps, and my bass. Sounds like this:

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Musicians until now:

Thanks for listening.

Don’t touch Eb

A few days ago I was searching for a capella pieces to improve my mixing / sound design skills. Found a short and sweet one from Shi, loaded it up into my DAW (digital audio workstation for the non-recorders amongst you), and got working. And when I thought it was quite ok, I exported it, and sent the result back to Shi. Looked like this:

Export of Shi's track in my DAW

Then I determined the tempo (88.226 bpm), and made a click track. And after the usual count-in, I let it click on the 2s and 4s, to get a feeling for the “groove” of the track. And then I took my bass, and started playing around with it.

Shi’s original title was “Don’t touch it!”, and because the song seemed to fit nicely into a simple 2-5-1 progression on E flat (Eb, in German called “es”), I thought about translating it to German like in: “Fass Es nicht an!”. But Wikiloops is an international platform and has an international audience, so I called it like in the title of this article. And here’s the result:

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Musicians, until now:

Thanks for listening.