Old soldier

I had downloaded Ardour 6.6 recently, and installed it onto both my Windows as well as my Linux partitions of my machine. Here’s a first mix job together with a bit of a bowed bass on a lovely template from Don, and with an awesome story from Shi:

As always, thanks to my friends from Wikiloops for all the fun – and thanks to you for listening 🙂

The full measure

A fun track with Dorothy and Frankie, but even with me it’s far from ready, just a framework for other things to come, hopefully:

As always, thanks to my friends at Wikiloops for all the fun, and thanks to you for listening 🙂

Two photos from last week

April 20th, 2021:

Looking out of the window in the morning of April 20th, 2021, this is what I saw

Today (April 25th, 2021):

Looking out to the veranda from my computer desk, this is what I see up close: my microphone, waiting for me to play my upright bass into it

As always, thanks for viewing.

Anti Covid jabs

Got my first vaccination against the COVID-19 disease on Monday evening, with the AstraZeneca vaccine. Just like our chancellor and vice chancellor who both had the same as well.

Tuesday morning I felt nothing at all, no side effects – but that changed quite a bit during the day: first I felt cold and feverish a bit (didn’t measure anything tho), then I developed a real headache which also didn’t want to go away after taking an Aspirin 500, and around the evening there was also sickness involved, couldn’t really eat.

So I went to bed early, at around 9 or so, and slept through, dreaming some wild stuff, but next morning (Wednesday) I was back to normal again, and since then I’m more or less without any further symptoms.

Too early perhaps for a conclusion, but yesterday a friend from Paris reported almost the same – he wrote “i feel a bit like i’ve been trampled by a herd of buffalos this morning…”

My wife and a colleague of hers who both work in a Kindergarten had their dose a few weeks earlier, and just continued working, unlike their boss who suffered as she told me with a remark like: “Men…”

So let’s see. To feel sick and bad for half a day is still far better than catching that virus, that’s why I would recommend getting the jab to everyone who has the chance to, and is offered one of those.

As always, thanks for reading.

Sunday morning visitor

We sometimes have other cats visiting us, and until recently Tuna was always showing them that they’re not welcomed around here. So those visits are rare, but some three or four different cats turn up once in a while.

This one is a bit shy (or still afraid of Tuna?), and usually gone as soon as we open the veranda door – so I took a zoom lens to take some photos through the closed door. Changed in post: set the camera’s white balance to “cloudy”, added a touch “clarity” and removed a touch of “haze”.

This one treads lightly:


As always, thanks for viewing and for reading.

P.S.: We have several cats visiting us as I mentioned above, and one day after this one came, a white one with grey patches (Zuleikha named her ‘Milka’ already) was here – and she even came in, and checked the whole flat. I’m sure that she could still smell traces of our Tuna, but no cat toilet, so the place seemed safe…

… and then there’s a tomcat whom Mitchie calls ‘George’, a tabby like Tuna, but he didn’t show up since a while, same as the Maine Coon one (one of two, we know the ‘owners’) which I had seen before sometimes.

Mouse population is growing with our chief mouser’s absence, so happy hunting to all neighbours’ cats…

Anywhere you go

I had played on another branch of Niklas’ and Oliv’s track already, so I took my bass from there to see if it would also fit on Anne’s wonderful song… here you go…

As always, thanks to my friends for all the fun, and for their wonderful music. And thanks to you for listening.

Love forever feat. Mark Z.

I added fishi’s sweet sax and also my upright to a wonderful Canadian/German/Welsh and with the sax also American love song:

As always, merci, danke and thanks to my friends from Wikiloops, and thanks to you for listening.

Happy tenth anniversary Wikiloops :)

Thanks for everything, and my best wishes for the next ten years…

Wikiloops start page on April 1st, 2021 – after 10 years of great service…

It’s been a pleasure and an honour playing with some of the nicest people from all over the world, wouldn’t have been possible without this…

Danke Richard! And thanks et merci to all the moderators as well 🙂 And to those who support and contribute daily… 🙂

Rest in peace, Tuna

Oh man – it’s so hard to write this…

On Saturday, March 13th, 2021 at 10:30am, our little furry friend of 11 years passed away.

Tuna (which was the name Zuleikha gave her) chose us as her family, not vice versa. She must have “belonged” to someone else before since she had a flea collar when in July of 2010 I took the first photo of her sitting on our fence like this:

A cat with no name (yet), Mörfelden-Walldorf 2010

About three months later she came in, ate, slept, and stayed pretty much forever. Until that Saturday 2 weeks ago.

I have countless photos and also some videos of her, some of which are in an album on Flickr, so go there if you want to see them. For here, and for now, I’ll only show you our “Easter Greeting” photo from last year:

Easter greetings to all cats and humans, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2020

And the one which is still my background wallpaper on this Debian Linux machine on which I’m currently typing this, and also the company’s work notebook which runs Red Hat Linux. It’s Tuna on a hot day on our veranda, taken with my 25mm lens wide open:

Tuna enjoying 28 degrees, Moerfelden-Walldorf 2019

We buried her last Wednesday at an animal cemetery in Frankfurt Rödelheim, which is the closest to us with a distance of about 20km.

I’ll add a photo of the grave when it has a surrounding like the others.

Don’t know what else to say except that I’m deeply grateful for the 11 wonderful years that she’s spent with us. Thank you my little friend, and rest in peace…