Petit Concert #1 Pomme

Enjoy… and in case you have only time for one song, try this one

Update, two days later today: just found this nice duo in black & white from almost 2 years ago:

Ben Mazué, Pomme – J’attends (Session acoustique) ft. Pomme

Enjoy encore… 🙂

Walking the ‘prints. And slappin’ them, too.

As usual, I’m late to the party – the following video is from August 2011, so more than 8 years ago. But you’ll hear one of my favourite pianists, and also one of my favourite bass players. Watch, and listen if you have about half an hour:

MARCUS+ Leszek Mozdzer – Solidarity of Arts 2011

This was in Poland, the home of Leszek (whom I showed already with Fresco & Danielsson). And yes, Marcus can also play fretless – he was Miles’ bass player after all! Plus imagine my surprise when they played Wayne Shorter’s ‘Footprints’, a tune which I also played when I was slightly above 20 or so (together with Sven Thomsen and Christian Hecker).

And Marcus walks these (foot)prints. And yes, he slaps them, too.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Fading Into Nothing

I played on that awesome track by moonchild and by WhiteDrum55, and I also got a remix from FrankMil already, who also renamed the title to ‘Fading in 2 nothing’. Sounds like this:

List of musicians:

As always, thanks for reading, and for listening!

Some good and bad (music software) news

While I read (and wrote about) some bad news for users of music software on Macs lately, here are some much better news for users of Debian 10 “Buster” (like me for instance), or Ubuntu 18.04+ (like Zuleikha for instance).

I’ll have to work now, and I still have a track or three in my DAW to play on, but after that I’ll try the (falkTX’s) new repo, and report about it all. Stay tuned, as they say.

Ok; off to the treadmill now…

P.S.: wrote about this for my friends in the ‘loops as well…

Some more videos from my watching history

Here is some stuff that I found useful and/or interesting and/or inspiring. First, when Zuleikha came back from her recent trip with her class, she talked about having seen a large format camera – so I thought I’d show her how to use these, and what results to expect:

Steve scans his 8×10 negatives with an Epson flatbed scanner set to 2000dpi – which means that he’s getting an image of about 320 Megapixels. Almost overkill even for good computers, and enlargements of 60 inches on the long side shouldn’t be a problem either.

The interesting thing about Steve is that he’s also using smaller formats (like his Bronica 6×6 film camera) and even Micro Four Thirds – with almost identical results for his purposes. See here:

Yes, he puts a bit of “grain” into the images, and that makes them almost look like film. It’s not so much the camera, it’s how to use one.

Oh, and I’ve seen – and heard – iamNEETA unplugged in a Malaysian TV3 show. And yes, the girl can really sing (and the boys play). Listen to ‘Ilusi’ again, and also to ‘Sakit’ – both from the ‘Sweet Dreams’ series:

Awesome, aren’t they? No wonder that their music is used for the movies… and I wish them luck for their future careers, just like I wish for the actors and actresses of ‘Sweet Dreams’ as well.

As a last tip for now, one of our own. Martin, a friend from Wikiloops offers a new Youtube channel with tips on how to play the drums. And he also does an awesome job. Here’s his introduction, look at his channel for further lessons:

Always a pleasure and an honour to play with Martin. Enjoy.

And as always, thanks for reading / watching / listening.

Esok belum tiba

Also from the Malaysian drama “Sweet Dreams” – this one starts as a calm 3/4 and develops into something like Malay (-sian waltz?) with Celtic influences… really cool, even if you have to use Google Translate for the lyrics:



iamNEETA (Band)

In my last post I wrote about the recently produced and released Malaysian drama “Sweet Dreams” – which gets so many things just right. And one of the important things in movies, films, and videos is always music, and that’s right as well. Amongst others, there’s a singer called Neeta Manishaa and her band iamNEETA who produced several songs for the mini series, and instead of showing you parts of that series again, here are three original videos (by nartvnetwork which I think is owned by Warner Malaysia, so these young people do have record contracts already). Neeta is following Jasmine Thompson, and her voice at times also reminds me a bit of Ana Torroja of Mecano – a band which featured an unknown young actress called Penélope Cruz in one of their videos (which made her famous later on).

So here are iamNEETA:

iamNEETA – iLusi (Official Music Video – with cc)
iamNEETA – Jatuh Cinta (Official Music Video)
iamNEETA- Marry Me (Official Music Video)

Awesome, aren’t they? And yes, they were on the “Big Stage” already, featured by Siti Nurhaliza. So it’s good to know that the Malaysian music business is alive and well…

Hope you enjoyed it – and as always, thanks for watching / reading / listening.

Smiles for Miles

Just received a terrific remix on a track on which I also played:

The sax is by ‘Fishinmissio’, so the list of musicians – one has left the loops under this account – is like follows:

Thanks Mark for your great Sax! And thanks to everyone else for listening.