NBD, and Mr. Booze

“NBD” is a term from talkbass.com, the biggest forum for bass players word-wide, and it stands for “new bass day” – so if you use it, you’re reporting about a new purchase, normally with pictures.

So here you go:

Big bass violin, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2020

Got it for a very good price including lots of add-ons like a stand, a pickup, a French bow, and a bag from a member of a German/Swiss forum for bass players, bassic.de. It’s a Christopher DB202 which means it’s all laminated (plywood), and in gamba shape (but with a round back, most gambas had a flat one).

So today I connected the pickup and my microphone to the audio interface like this:

Double bass recording setup, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2020

and then I played a Blues together with Nils, Peter, and Philip, called “Mr. Booze”, like this:

Not that easy to handle an instrument that big in Bb flat minor for your first one, but fun anyway – thanks and merci to my friends for the music 🙂

More in bassic.de and in talkbass.com – and thanks for reading, and for listening.

Fleur d’Hiver

I added a bit of a low end to the second half of this beautiful track from Philip and from Peter:

Thanks to my friends for all the fun, and merci to you for listening.

Wait Baby I…

Short but sweet track from Tom & Shi, couldn’t resist…:

Thank you Tom & Shi for all the fun – and thanks to you dear reader(s) for listening…

In the hall of the strong headwinds

Found that awesome swing drum template from Mark, so I couldn’t resist to play around with it a bit:

Thanks to WhiteDrum55 for all the fun, and thanks to you for listening (or even contributing?).

2020 – The year of the face masks

Published the 11th album with collaborations with my friends from Wikiloops, and the front cover looks like this:


As usual, if you click on that image you’ll end up at Flickr where it is hosted – but I’ll put another smaller cover/inlet picture in the widget area where you can also find the other 10 albums.

Thanks to my friends for all the fun I’ve had – and thanks to you for listening and/or downloading. Hope you’ll like it.

Miss Anne, the teacher

Wonderful dreamy track from Andri, so I couldn’t resist to add a few low notes to the crush:

Gracias Andri for all the fun, and thank you to you for listening to us 🙂


Wikiloops user Mike_66 uploaded a wonderful piano template which I downloaded right away. I thought that a double bass would fit, but since I still don’t have one I played a bowed Karoryfer Meatbass sampled double bass on my Akai MPK mini Mk2 keyboard instead, and added a few accents with my fretless:

Thanks to Mike_66 for all the fun, and thanks to you for listening.

Ubuntu Studio 20.04 LTS

Current home page of Ubuntu Studio

Yesterday I’ve tried and downloaded Ubuntu Studio 20.04 LTS “Focal Fossa” (with its standard XFCE desktop), wrote the Live image to a USB stick, and booted my work notebook from it after work.

That’s quite a nice release, and everything I tried worked right out of the proverbial box, even from that “Live” USB stick. There were some packages I’ve never even seen before, like for instance OBS Studio with which you could make training videos or even live stream some computer games to Youtube if you’re into that kind of thing.

Ardour is still in version 5 on it, and the reasons for that are explained in their news section.

Otherwise, it’s what the home page says: a free and open operating system for creative people, very nice, and everything which is difficult when using ‘normal’ distributions like my Debian (on which Ubuntu is based of course), or which would require some extra work like the audio and/or realtime stuff is preconfigured already, so you can simply start making music, or developing your photographs, make movies or drawings, whatever creative people might want to do.

Documentation including some really nice books is/are here.

Very nice, and highly recommended – that one costs nothing, makes things really easy, and brings the fun back into computing.

As always, thanks for reading.

Jah Pon Dis

A collaboration with Rastafari and Shi this time:

You can also watch a compressor in my DAW working on my bass while the track plays:

Thanks to my friends again for all the fun, and thanks to you for reading, listening, watching, … 🙂


Got a nice remix first from Marceys and then from FrankieJ onto one of my recent ones:

Thanks Marc & Frank for making it sound so great, thanks to the rest of you for listening. Join us for something like this on Wikiloops, it’s fun and it’s free 🙂