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I had an old track of Oliv, Shi, and Wade in my watchlist in Wikiloops since quite a while. And I was busy doing other things, but yesterday and today I could play around with that track a bit. And after trying a few very different things I decided that once more it was best to keep it simple, and to let my bass just support these wonderful musicians a bit. So here is the result:

The list of musicians (so far, it was downloaded already):

So thanks to my friends and fellow musicians in the ‘loops, and thanks to you for listening.

David Gilmour – The Girl In The Yellow Dress

I know I know – sometimes I’m really late to the party, more than 4 years this time. The following track was on David’s “Rattle that lock” album from Sept. 18th, 2015:

David Gilmour – The Girl In The Yellow Dress (Official Music Video)

Awesome, isn’t it?

Have a good start into the new week and month everyone.

To ground myself

I have all of my own albums (which you can see on the right side of this page) in my car – in fact that is part of the reason that I’ve made these albums – to be able to put some music on a CD, and to listen to it while away from my computer.

And I also “discovered” several new and – as I think – great singers both on Wikiloops and elsewhere (like on Youtube).

But to ground myself, so to speak, to get back a feeling where true North is, and to compare whatever I do with what else is out there, I also have some copies of commercial albums which I own in the car – and from time to time I like to listen to these, especially when it’s music with just a voice and some acoustic instruments for example.

Like Youn Sun Nah. This morning I listened to her “Same Girl” album on my way to work, and it’s so incredibly good. Listen to this as an example, where she’s also with Lars Danielsson, one of my favourite bass players:

Nah Youn Sun – Breakfast In Baghdad

The composition is by Ulf Wakenius, who’s also the guitar player here. Everything here fits, and sounds amazing.

Highly recommended stuff, if you like something like this. I also have her “Voyage” and “Lento” albums, which are equally good.

As always, thanks for reading. Enjoy the music.

Bill Evans Trio – Nardis

Here’s something rare – an interview with Bill Evans. And then they play Miles’ tune Nardis in front of a small private audience in 1970:

Bill Evans Trio – Nardis.

Enjoy – and see and hear Eddie as a young man (I was 13, he was 26 while he played this).

Sunday pre tea time

Uploaded a short bass-only track to the ‘loops:

The same is available without the clicks as a HD track. Harmonies are on Wikiloops (click the track id to go there). As always, thanks for listening.

Piano practice on a dull Sunday mid November

I haven’t taken many photographs this month yet (which for me is the month of the kit zoom if you remember that), so when Zuleikha started to play her piano I asked whether I could take a photo of it, switched on a light, and took this in black & white with a simulated orange filter at ISO 6400 with around 1/13th of a second:

Piano practice on a dull Sunday mid November, Moerfelden-Walldorf 2019

My lens was set to 17mm, a focal length which I don’t have except with this zoom lens. Ideal for indoor portraits which also show some context, like the piano in this case.

As always, thanks for reading.

An evening with Eddie Gomez

This one is for the musicians – and for everyone who loves music:

An Evening with Eddie Gomez

And for those of you who probably haven’t heard about him before, here are some links to the German and English Wikipedia pages about him, and to his own webpage of course. He’s also one of the bass players in John Goldsby’s ‘The Jazz Bass Book’ (on page 131), and in this video he talks about many others who are, and who came before him. The host for this evening was David Gage, famous amongst bass players for his pickup, and for his service.

Enjoy, as I did.

Cheap double basses

My brother Willi had a double bass when we were younger – and we both would love to have one now. I have checked some locally and at Thomann’s (Europe’s biggest music store), and was always kind of put off, either by price (~2.800€ for a solid Romanian bass I loved) or by setup.

But lately I saw a review of a Thomann “Rockabilly” – one of the cheapest Chinese plywood basses they offer. That review is in Italian, but the guy can play, and that bass sounds and looks wonderful (with additional Thomastik Spirocore strings (about 160€) on it):

Thomann Rockabilly Kontrabass Review

Miked (or picked up? Both?) a bit closer, and with a jazz standard, it sounds pretty good:

Blue Bossa Bass Line backing track accompaniment

So this one is from Thomann’s plywood line of basses, and also comes in black or different shades of wood. My brother’s comment was that if that is how plywood sounds, it would be good enough for him…

I agreed (with the remark about the changed set of strings on it), but there’s a slightly more expensive hybrid model available now at Thomann’s, would love to check that out as well:

Stentor 1950 Student Double Bass

It’s the Stentor 1950 Student bass, and it indeed sounds wonderful as well:

The Stentor 1950 Double Bass

I agree about that “melting the audience” remark – at least you could melt me with that one 🙂 Available at Thomann‘s as well, for a real good price in my opinion.

I’ll have to try that one. And maybe take my brother with me, maybe they’ll sell two of these 🙂

As always, thanks for reading.