Some really good tutorials and tools for musicians

If you make music and even record yourself and care about sound, you should have a look at the Youtube channel from Dan Worrall, a senior live mixer and sound engineer from the UK.

Dan is using the really cost-insensitive (read: cheap but worth it) DAW Reaper, and he also works with the guys from FabFilter. These are professional tools, although he also often checks the “stock plugins” from DAWs like Reaper, Ableton, or Cubase, and compares them to the more expensive ones.

On the FabFilter channel he has some great tutorials about “The Philosophy of Bass“, and also one of the best guides about compressors I’ve ever seen, the “Beginner’s Guide to Compression (part 1)“. Really recommended stuff if you care about making a singer or a voice-over heard. And even if you’re using just the “stock plugins” of your DAW, you can achieve great results if you know what to do…

I myself very often use the Linux Studio Plugins, which are free and open source plugins for – as the name says – Linux. On Arch, I have the newest ones as the listing shows:

unfa (from Poland I think) shows the LSP 16-band stereo eq here, and the LSP Project has their Youtube channel as well of course. So go and have a look at Dan’s and unfa’s, and enjoy your mixing.

Like always, thanks for reading.