Anyone around the area of Groß-Gerau next week? There will be a free concert where Zuleikha also will play with her high school big band:

Very much looking forward to that, the last one was great fun 🙂 So if you can make it, just drop by.

As always, thanks for reading.

In German / Auf Deutsch: Ah, jetzt ja!

Wurde auch Zeit daß diese Diskussion einmal öffentlich wird. Und solche Berichte sollten nicht nur gelesen, sondern auch ernst genommen werden. Genau wie das Zitat einer der Kommentatoren des o.g. Zeit-Artikels:

E-Autos wie sie heute angeboten werden, sind Mist. Ihre Reichweite ist zu gering, ihre Umweltkosten zu hoch, ihre Nutzung asozial, weil der Niedriglöhner dem Reichen sein E-Auto mitsubventioniert und die Ausbeutung in den Rohstoffländern evident.

(Zeit Online Leser und Kommentator “PerkyCornflakes”)

Wie immer danke für’s Lesen.


I haven’t done much this weekend – in fact it almost didn’t feel like a weekend at all, since I was busy with the server again (and still am). But in between I could at least take another photo of our cat. Not sure what she saw there – herself, or some potential prey through her own dark silhouette?

Mirror?, Moerfelden-Walldorf 2019

Cropped it into a 3:2 aspect ration like from Kleinbildfilm, and used midtoning and also a HP5+ film simulation from RawTherapee.

As always, thanks for viewing.

First snow

What a surprise. When I left home this morning, everything looked pretty normal. But when I arrived at work (only 18.5km one way), we had first snow. And this is how that looked like (quick out-of-camera pictures without any post processing):

First snow
First snow at work, Frankfurt 2019
First snow
First snow at work, Frankfurt 2019

That latter one was hand-held at about 1/5th of a second (first one taken with the camera on a table tripod).

As always, thanks for viewing. And now have a nice Santa Friday 🙂

Find You

I had an old track of Oliv, Shi, and Wade in my watchlist in Wikiloops since quite a while. And I was busy doing other things, but yesterday and today I could play around with that track a bit. And after trying a few very different things I decided that once more it was best to keep it simple, and to let my bass just support these wonderful musicians a bit. So here is the result:

The list of musicians (so far, it was downloaded already):

So thanks to my friends and fellow musicians in the ‘loops, and thanks to you for listening.

Slowly making that machine mine again

I’ve written about the “new” operating system I had to install at work. And this morning I was talking to my wife about it, saying that even with the so-called “EPEL” repositories (from the Fedora project), these “Enterprise” decision-making guys still don’t include anything like Ardour. So I guess that these decision-makers don’t have kids or even nieces or nephews, or how would they explain that companies like Disney who would likely use anything like Ardour are not “Enterprises”? What a strange world…

But at least with these additional “EPEL” repos, I’ve got things and smaller niceties like Conky back – so at least the looks of my Gnome3 desktop at work and at home aren’t that different anymore. See here (again, I try to keep most business-related stuff out here):

My desktop at work, showing a browser and Conky plus the Gnome menu on the left

Hm. I still couldn’t record any pro sound and videos with it like I could with my old OS and its real-time kernel and Ardour and such. Not for work and not for pleasure – which seem to be different things for these “Enterprises”.

But ok – I’m not working at Disney, or at Pixar, so I guess the fun part is elsewhere indeed. Still I sometimes wonder if they even consider all the talent and creativity they’re wasting (or trying to kill)? What a strange world indeed. Maybe they’ll fit in somewhere in the vicinity of “hedgefond managers” in the groups divided by Toby? See here for a funny start into your week and month:

Rowan Atkinson: Toby the Devil – We Are Most Amused and Amazed

And as a small contrast program to it, here are some awesome fellow musicians:

Opera performed by animals | Maestro – CG short film by Illogic collective

As always, thanks for reading & viewing, and have a very nice start into your week & month. 🙂

David Gilmour – The Girl In The Yellow Dress

I know I know – sometimes I’m really late to the party, more than 4 years this time. The following track was on David’s “Rattle that lock” album from Sept. 18th, 2015:

David Gilmour – The Girl In The Yellow Dress (Official Music Video)

Awesome, isn’t it?

Have a good start into the new week and month everyone.

Tuna the cat, from November 30th, 2019

My proclaimed “month of the kit zoom” will end today, and I haven’t taken many photos this month. So when I saw our cat on that towel beside my computer desk (in our living room), I thought let’s take a picture…

Tuna the cat, Moerfelden-Walldorf 2019

So – that’s my kit zoom at 17mm again, a bit like 35mm on film (tho the format is 4:3 instead of 3:2).

This evening I’ll go and play the bass somewhere, but I don’t know if anyone will take photos of that using my camera – let’s see.

And as always, thanks for reading, and for viewing.