Some recent remixes of our tracks

Both Zuleikha and me received remixes lately. Ladies first:

This track is embedded with the friendly permission by the creatives on

Musicians on this one:

And I got one on that short but sweet a capella piece from Shi onto which I first played a bass, and now WD55 added drums:

This track is embedded with the friendly permission by the creatives on

So the musicians here are:

Thanks for listening. And thanks to our friends at Wikiloops for contributing.

Using Mitchie’s camera

My camera which broke almost 2 weeks ago will be repaired at Olympus – it will be a heart-and-brain transplant (mainboard) which will cost about one third of a camera replacement, so it’s the reasonable thing to do.

Until then I can sometimes borrow a camera from Mitchie or from Zuleikha, so today I used 2 of my studio strobes and Mitchie’s E-M5 Mk2 to take this photo:


Thanks for viewing.

Music. Photography. Design.

Wow – this is super interesting, because it brings together all these creative arts:

Thanks Estelle – this video and the one about Giant Steps brought you a new subscriber!

To my readers: you know I love both music *and* photography – thanks for your interest as well!

The Blue Note by WhiteDrum55

Here’s a recommended new album from my fellow Wikiloops musicians, just published yesterday by “WhiteDrum55”, a master drummer from the US of A:

Clicking on the image will lead you to Wikiloops where you can listen for free. Downloading for non-members was 2,40€ when I last looked, this will also give you a printable cover like you see on my albums.

I wrote a review on the album’s page.

Enjoy. I did, and I will enjoy it again.

Wolfgang and the Gang, by ArkRockStudio

Someone on Wikiloops took my brush playing and finger snapping from the “Unicorn dance” track to start a new and funny template:

This track is embedded with the friendly permission by the creatives on

So except of myself who couldn’t be shown in it, the single musician so far is:

I’m curious if this will have some remixes. Hard to say, because it sounds almost complete (and like elevator music hahaha) 🙂

So I’m feeling honoured, thanks man! And thanks to anyone who listened to it! Try to finger snap over 3 minutes in front of a microphone, it ain’t that easy! 🙂

Nuestros corazones españoles

Awesome Spanish theme from Arnosolo, Jamlady, and Pewi – under which I just laid a bit of groundwork:

This track is embedded with the friendly permission by the creatives on

List of musicians, so far:

Thanks for the great jam, my friends, and thanks to you, dear readers, for listening.

Edit, from late Sunday evening:

After uploading that track, I realized that I had missed Robjol’s remix – so I did another upload after his:

This track is embedded with the friendly permission by the creatives on

And that makes the list of musicians to this one:

Thanks for listening again.

Those jazz brushes

And here’s my newest musical instrument, photographed with Mitchie’s camera (my own one is sent for repair):


You can hear these brushes on the unicorn song from the last few posts (different versions).

Thanks for viewing.

One camera takes a picture of another…

So my camera is in Hamburg, at Olympus German headquarters to check what’s wrong, and to estimate how much a repair would cost.

And without borrowing any of my older cameras from Zuleikha who now has most of them (my E-520, my E-PL1, and Mitchie’s E-PL5), I still have what almost everyone has (and carries around, I normally don’t do that) – a “smart” phone with built-in camera.

In my case that’s Mitchie’s old Google Nexus 5 which she gave to me after I bought 5X models for her and for Zuleikha. So this evening I just grabbed that phone and took a photo of Mitchie’s:

Not too bad for a really small sensor 8MP device – if you don’t “pixel-peep” (and who in his or her right mind would do anything like that? 😉 ), it’s actually usable.

So now I’m waiting for Olympus Germany to tell me a number…

And as always, thanks for reading.