Thanks to Gnome, computing became a lot less fun again

Got Gnome 45 on Arch today, and – as expected and even announced – none of the former extensions kept working. Looked like this:

Gnome 45 desktop on Arch Linux, with Conky and my own wallpaper photo

The workspace switcher still worked, but is redundant now because they made another pill-shaped one on the top left (not movable). Freon and Openweather extensions don’t have version 45 yet, and even Vitals – at least the one packaged in Arch’s User Repository (AUR) was too old. And GSConnect, the most important one for integrating your phone(s), is gone as well.

My solution, for the moment? Go to XFCE. I’ve tried Budgie but didn’t like it, and I never became friends with KDE again since leaving it 20+ years ago. So for now my Arch desktop looks like this:

XFCE4 desktop on Arch Linux, with default background and with added weather and sensor applets (built in, eat that, Gnome!)

So still no GSConnect (or KDE Connect), but still better than this forced-into-your face behaviour of Gnome. Seems like Linus was right, that is cancerous behaviour, thanks but no thanks.


I gave KDE another try. No love yet, but it’s growing on me. And KDE Connect works as well (that small phone icon in the lower right):

KDE Plasma desktop on Arch Linux, with Conky and some additional widgets

So let’s see…

Edit/Update from later the same day:

Back to Gnome by now. Like I said, I tried to love KDE or XFCE or other desktop environments, but just can’t. So for the moment I installed the latest nightly build of GSConnect from Github, and for a bit of weather info, I used another extension from AUR’s git. That relies on the installed weather app from Gnome which isn’t as good as OpenWeather, but it works (showing Frankfurt, not the place we live but close enough). For the moment, I can do without Vitals or Freon, I know that my CPU temp and fans speeds are good no matter what I’ll do. So back to minmalistic Gnome:

Gnome 45 desktop on Arch Linux, with GSConnect and a bit of weather info

Like always, thanks for viewing.