Not tested with Linux? Then I won’t buy it.

That headline is basically what I wrote as a comment on someone’s (very nice, thank you!) Youtube video. Background: Mitchie is looking for a replacement for her notebook. And some sites (like the very good even test new hardware with Linux – leaving me once more with the impression that some vendors (like Lenovo […]

The fire and the fury? Wait…

Lately someone wrote a book with that title. It’s about a sad (and bad) joke figure playing a president of a whole nation. But “the fire and the fury” reminds me of the devil in Tom Waits’ “Way down in the hole” (which is where we should keep him). Listen: Funny that “The Wire”, where […]

Why “community” is mostly a buzzword these days

I found an interesting two-part article on LWN, about buying and selling “communities”: LWN link article on, part 1 article on, part 2 At my employers’, “community” is one of the most overused buzzwords of these times. And it’s also incorrectly used, since a “community” in its stronger sense is a conglomerate of […]