IBM to aquire Red Hat

A screenshot from my browser at work, looking at the Red Hat site: And press releases from both IBM and from Red Hat. I can’t comment this, but here’s one first reaction, in German: ” Schade um Redhat… aber es gibt ja reichlich weitere Distributionen IBM hat in den zurückliegenden Jahren so ziemlich alles an […]

Good articles in German, and Freak Shows

I’ve read some remarkable articles in the German (online-version) magazine “Die Zeit” recently. One of them was “Das rote Sommermärchen”, and it’s about Sahra Wagenknecht’s new “Aufstehen” movement, which is some kind of a think tank for us lefties if you so wish. Interesting, and if you understand German, it’s a recommended reading. Another article, […]

Not tested with Linux? Then I won’t buy it.

That headline is basically what I wrote as a comment on someone’s (very nice, thank you!) Youtube video. Background: Mitchie is looking for a replacement for her notebook. And some sites (like the very good even test new hardware with Linux – leaving me once more with the impression that some vendors (like Lenovo […]

The non-word of 2017

And the “winner” goes to… “alternative facts” (which might be copyrighted by Kellyanne Conway, who knows). See here (in German), here (in English), and here (in other news). Let me use a short quote of the English Wikipedia article about something else related to truths: “The phrase “alternative facts” was claimed to be similar to […]

The fire and the fury? Wait…

Lately someone wrote a book with that title. It’s about a sad (and bad) joke figure playing a president of a whole nation. But “the fire and the fury” reminds me of the devil in Tom Waits’ “Way down in the hole” (which is where we should keep him). Listen: Funny that “The Wire”, where […]

Vanitas vanitatum

from here: “Vanitas vanitatum, dixit Ecclesiastes ; vanitas vanitatum, et omnia vanitas.” Thinking about photography, especially about portaiture, I came to the above finding. And starting this year, I had asked Mitchie to take my photograph while I was on the phone with my aunt Geno, exchanging best wishes for the new year: I have […]