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I had an old track of Oliv, Shi, and Wade in my watchlist in Wikiloops since quite a while. And I was busy doing other things, but yesterday and today I could play around with that track a bit. And after trying a few very different things I decided that once more it was best to keep it simple, and to let my bass just support these wonderful musicians a bit. So here is the result:

The list of musicians (so far, it was downloaded already):

So thanks to my friends and fellow musicians in the ‘loops, and thanks to you for listening.

Sunday pre tea time

Uploaded a short bass-only track to the ‘loops:

The same is available without the clicks as a HD track. Harmonies are on Wikiloops (click the track id to go there). As always, thanks for listening.

How much CPU power do I need?

I was reading the latest c’t magazine and also just watched an hour long video talk they had about the finest article in it. The topic: once a year they publish suggestions of ideal machines to build for yourself, with low power consumption, which are quiet, run smoothly, give you the best bang for the buck, and so on.

I find these very useful, and all of my self-built PCs – some of which are distributed to the wider family by now – were always at least based upon their suggestions.

While discussing PCs with my brother (his doesn’t start anymore at the moment, after years of service (it also was a very good one)) and after reading that latest article with a remark that multitrack music productions would love to have many CPU cores I decided to check my own one. So I’ve made a short video about it:

resources 2019 11 16 12 24 28, from my own Youtube channel

The music I’ve used for that demonstration & check was my latest collab with Arno from Wikiloops. Merci Arno for your wonderful track!

And yes, for what I’m doing, an old 4th generation Intel Core i5 is more than enough as you can see. So a nice actual 9th generation one is the one I’d take for any new build, these integrated graphics are more important to me than any assumed or measurable advantage of AMD chips…

Thanks for watching, and for reading – as always.

She forgets when she dances

There was that lovely folk song from Wikiloops member “Arnosolo” which I downloaded a while ago. And first I worked on noise reduction of the track a bit, made a video about that, and messaged Arno. He allowed me to show that video (and contributed another and maybe even better one) – but before I did that I sat down and played on his track a bit, and uploaded that to the ‘loops. So here’s his lovely song, with me noodling (improvising) on it:

Oh, and the videos and the forum article about adaptive noise reduction are here, in case you’re interested.

As always, thanks for reading, and for listening. And if you’re a musician yourself, then please consider joining us at Wikiloops – it’s free, and it’s fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

Mixed tape by Bothen

One of the tracks/jams in Wikiloops on which I played last year was included in another album today, this time one of a drummer again:

Mixed tape by Bothen, on Wikiloops

I had uploaded my bass to the track at about the same time as Bothen did with his drums, so I offered to mix them together – and that gave an interesting 3/4 from me, with a 4/4 played over it by him (Arno’s template had this polyrhythm feeling anyway).

I also made a video of this track in my DAW, together with the settings for my bass, so in case you’re interested, it’s here:

Wikiloops Collaboration #153856: I miss you (already)

My own version got some remixes by others as well, so here’s the version from my own album:

As always, thanks for reading, viewing, and/or listening ๐Ÿ™‚ And thanks again to Bothen for including me on your wonderful album – I feel very honoured! ๐Ÿ™‚

Devin is so cool. And so is Bob.

Have a look / a listen:

Let Her Voice Fly You to the Moon and Back!

Yep – this is our “moonchild” from the ‘loops, and my latest one with her was this one:

So please give her a few thumbs on Youtube as well, she’s trying to make a living of it.

Thank you.

Those dreamy, funky new strings

Just me alone, noodling around on my bass with fresh strings:

Let’s see if someone likes this enough to play (or sing?) on it ๐Ÿ™‚ As always, thanks for listening ๐Ÿ™‚

Bass Amplifier

I was asked to join a band lately, what an honour! More to that later, after first rehearsals and after they’ve accepted me as a new player. Plus the Wikiloops members’ meeting 2020 was announced, and I’m very much looking forward to that (like everyone who has attended one earlier I guess).

Time to get a bass amplifier.

During last years’ Wikiloops meeting we’ve had Marc’s small Markbass Mini CMD 121P which is one of the most sold bass combos out there, and it’s incredible. Small, light, loud. You see it behind my right shoulder in this photo:

Photo of me at last years’ Wikiloops members’ meeting (Steinfeld 2018)

There was more gear like Gijs’ stack behind me, plus some smaller amps upstairs in the acoustic/unplugged area. But whenever I played I used that small Markbass. It was perfect except that I personally prefer 15″ speakers to the 12″ it had/has built in.

So for the new band, and for next years’ Wikiloops meeting and any other events where I might have to be heard live, I wanted to get something like that Markbass amp, but with a 15″ speaker if possible. And there are several, and I took the cheapest option. Its name is Markbass CMD JB Players School, and its speaker is black instead of orange, and this is how it looks beside my bass:

My bass, my amp, Moerfelden-Walldorf 2019

Fits just perfectly in the trunk of our small Toyota, but not – as I had hoped but not measured – under our small Ikea tables (guess that 12″ would have fitted, but oh well, one has to make compromises, right?).

And yes, I have tested it against the Mini CMD 121P, and in my opinion, for my taste, and with a (fretted) P(recision) Bass it sounded better than its smaller, lighter, but also more powerful and more expensive brother. A propos loud enough: someone on assured me that the one I bought is loud enough in a Big Band context, plus all these modern amplifiers have DI-Outs (and the ones in Markbass amps can even be switched pre or post pre amp just as it should be) – so in case it gets really loud, there’s always a cable running from the amp into the mixer (or recording device, whatever).

Perfect for what I need. And cheaper than the lens with which I took its photograph ๐Ÿ™‚

As always, thanks for reading.

Fading Into Nothing

I played on that awesome track by moonchild and by WhiteDrum55, and I also got a remix from FrankMil already, who also renamed the title to ‘Fading in 2 nothing’. Sounds like this:

List of musicians:

As always, thanks for reading, and for listening!

Smiles for Miles

Just received a terrific remix on a track on which I also played:

The sax is by ‘Fishinmissio’, so the list of musicians – one has left the loops under this account – is like follows:

Thanks Mark for your great Sax! And thanks to everyone else for listening.