Vitamin, remixed

A remix job I just did for friends of mine from Wikiloops:

Lovely track, hm? I didn’t play a single note here myself since this one had a bass in its “blue part” already, I guess that was Trilian (a sampled double bass).

As always, thanks for listening.

False positives at GMX

I have a friend from the UK who – like me – uses a GMX mail account or two. The only difference is that her domain is while I’m using

And twice already some mail of hers landed in the internal gmx “assumed spam” folders which you only see via their web interface if you look – so my advice: don’t ignore their regular messages about that assumed spam folder, and go and check it – you might have missed someone who clearly didn’t send spam (in my friend’s case, not even a link was inside her mails, so it’s not clear why the gmx algorithms assumed that to be spam…)

I’ve told their web interface to not classify her mail addresses as senders of spam, still have to check if that works.

Otherwise they’re very good – and they really keep out lots of spam. Not bad for a cost-free provider at all – and if you’re using them with an email program like I do, you won’t even see all the ads which they need to finance it all.

Just a hint to go and check…

Dalek, still in training

Today I tried something new. Played around with a ring modulator on my voice a bit to join ‘bluvation’ (Gerry) on his awesome ‘Dancing with Daleks’ track:

Musicians, until now: just him (all music) and me (words/vocals):

As always, thanks for reading, and for listening. And thanks to Gerry for all the fun 🙂

Update, Monday during my office hours:

Got a first remix from & with Brian on bass, very cool:

That makes three of us by now:

As always, thanks for listening. And now come and join the fun 🙂 If not, and in a Dalek voice: “EXPLAIN!” 😀

Tales of Yore, 2 adds

I played on that awesome track from Rick aka ‘acousticeg’ and also included it into my latest album (see the blog post before/below this one). And since then I received two more adds already, since the piece was still left wide open by us. So here they are, in case you’re interested:

Thank, or rather merci to our friends, these are so nice 🙂 And thanks to you for your interest, and for reading and listening.

Rise and Shine

A really wonderful & jazzy funky theme from Marc, jhonrobert, and Alex – so I added a few low notes and tried to support that groove:

Still some space for soli in there, and the list of musicians until now is:

Thanks to my friends for the fun I had, and thanks to you for listening.

He’s Left The Clan

Short but irresistibly sweet piece by YuuLi, a relatively new member in Wikiloops whose first upload was a 9/8, and whose singing reminded me of other great artists like Joni Mitchell – so I wanted to play with that incredibly talented young woman since she joined us. And today I could finally try a few low notes on one of her tracks (originally an a capella of hers, no less!):

And that nice nylon guitar is also played by a relatively new member, also from France, who calls himself ‘Al-Fadista’. So here’s the list of musicians so far:

Thanks to my friends for all the fun, and thanks to you for reading, and for listening.

Tales of Yore

So after 3 internet outages during the last week, and one first rehearsal of the orchestra where I’m helping out for an injured bass player we now seem to have a stable connection again (knock on wood!), and I could log in to Wikiloops again, and download some songs to play on.

Haven’t done much with Rick aka ‘acousticeg’ since quite some time – if I remember correctly since my first album in the beginning of 2018¹. So I was glad to find an awesome new template of his, and couldn’t resist to adding some low end to it:

List of musicians so far – just him and melike here:

I’ve tried to keep his nice triplet feel in this one, and to also support his flagiolet tones with some from my fretless bass. Hope you like it as much as I did while playing on it.

As always, thanks for reading, and for listening. And thanks also to Rick for the fun I had.

¹Wrong – I did “Beneath the Waves” as another collaboration with him in November, even as a video collab. So this is our third one together after the intial “The way that she moves” with Shi from March 2018 🙂