Not tested with Linux? Then I won’t buy it.

That headline is basically what I wrote as a comment on someone’s (very nice, thank you!) Youtube video. Background: Mitchie is looking for a replacement for her notebook. And some sites (like the very good even test new hardware with Linux – leaving me once more with the impression that some vendors (like Lenovo for instance) don’t even test their machines with Linux, while others (like Dell for instance) do very much to being able to offer some of their machines with a Linux distribution instead of the usual Windows “tax”.

Which means for me: if we want to run Linux, and the vendors don’t care, then I/we won’t care for them as well – they certainly have more time, money, and resources for such tests than I would/could do.

So no Lenovo, no HP, Asus or whatever nice machines might be around. There are others who simply care more about the rest of us, thank you very much. Time for us to be more consequent, and to vote with our wallets – supporting those who actually care about us.

End of today’s rant.

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  1. I bought my latest 2 notebooks and even a server from Tuxedo Computers. They care about Linux and so they get my money – not companies selling undocumented hardware with „magic“ Windows drivers that fix all the bugs in software.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Holger.

      I did the same in the past, and even started a business with building my own hardware (also notebooks), founding the German wing of ZaReason (which like System76 do the same in the US). And I have looked at ixsoft and others who sell Asus hardware with Linux on it. However, my point here is that *vendors*, *makers* of hardware should care – and if they don’t, they won’t get my money anymore.

      So for my wife, we’ll most probably get a Dell XPS 13. Not the developer edition, which might give a wrong message to that maker, but at least we know they care and have their project Sputnik, which we applaud.

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