About an upcoming virtual meeting

Later today, we’ll have another one of these virtual meetings where everyone sits at home in front of their work notebooks with built-in webcams, speaking into headsets, well I guess most of you will know the experience of that, it has become pretty normal since the last 14 and a half months or so.

What’s not normal about today’s upcoming meeting is that it’s about saying goodbye to 5 colleagues with whom I’ve been working since the last 13 years or so.

Very sad to see everyone go, and the rest of us will follow 3 months later, so all I can do for now is to wish them all luck and all the best for their future.

I’ll miss you, ladies & gents, and it has been an honour and a pleasure working with you all. Thanks for the good time.

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  1. Danke Wolfgang! Aber wir werden ganz sicher in Verbindung bleiben … wenn sich der Mist wieder beruhigt hat gehen wir im Sommer ein schönes Bierchen irgendwo in einem Biergarten trinken und/oder rauchen eine SCHÖNE Zigarette 😉
    Mach es gut – auch mir war es eine Ehre!
    Gruss Arno

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