Good one, “SpikeWatchdog”

I’ll just cite:

“You better write “IBM are you dumb?” . IBM … when Idiots Become Managers is between my favorite ones (ex IBMer here).”

found in Jeff Geerling’s “Dear Red Hat: Are you dumb?”, which in turn I found via arsTechnica’s “Red Hat’s new source code policy and the intense pushback, explained”

And yes, as I stated before: the recommendation for us “normal people” is to stay away as far as you can from everything “Enterprise”. I learnt it more than 20 years ago, even then Red Hat was nothing about freedom, and everything about making money. Take Debian instead, which is a true free software project – and if you want to support it financially, look for “Software in the public interest“.

And yes, ex IBMer here as well 😉