A model B for free

This is a nice gift for Santa, thanks to Dore Mark: a Steinway grand piano model B, sampled in 7 velocity layers, and using different microphones and microphone placements:

Kontakt Interface view of Dore Mark’s Steinway Model B grand piano

On Windows and Mac computers you can use it within Kontakt, the same with Linux in case you have something like yabridge. In case you don’t have that, or don’t plan to use Windows plugins in Linux, you can still use the provided SFX versions.

The Steinway model B is a 7 foot grand piano which is often found in the recording studios of this world, and in the homes of those who can afford such an instrument. The famous model D is too big for most places, and more at home in the concert halls. Dore Mark also has a Yamaha and a Fazioli grand piano if you prefer these.

Found via LinuxMusicians, and also linked within Wikiloops. Thanks Dore Mark!