That iconic theme from Midsomer Murders

Mitchie loves the series – “Inspector Barnaby” like it is called here in Germany. And we all love the music. See and hear it being played on the Theremin by Celia Sheen:

Celia Sheen plays Midsomer Murders on Theremin

Like always, thanks for watching, and for listening.

Saying hello to and thanks for the “Blonde Bop”

Glen MacArthur aka GMaq, farmer, musician, and inventor/creator of AVLinux and the AVL drum kits has decided to give us all a new gift, his “Blonde Bop” drum kit. Here’s kind of a “making of” and explanation:

New Free Drumkit! AVL Drumkits Blonde Bop Kits and LV2 Plugin!

So if your DAW can take sfz or sf2 samples or even better, LV2 plugins, go and have a look – and as you can see, you can – at least in Ardour – even spread out Robin Gareus’ nice plugin over separate channels just like a drummer would do in the studio.

Seen/found in Linux Musicians and the Ardour Discourse, and thank you very much Glen – again!

A model B for free

This is a nice gift for Santa, thanks to Dore Mark: a Steinway grand piano model B, sampled in 7 velocity layers, and using different microphones and microphone placements:

Kontakt Interface view of Dore Mark’s Steinway Model B grand piano

On Windows and Mac computers you can use it within Kontakt, the same with Linux in case you have something like yabridge. In case you don’t have that, or don’t plan to use Windows plugins in Linux, you can still use the provided SFX versions.

The Steinway model B is a 7 foot grand piano which is often found in the recording studios of this world, and in the homes of those who can afford such an instrument. The famous model D is too big for most places, and more at home in the concert halls. Dore Mark also has a Yamaha and a Fazioli grand piano if you prefer these.

Found via LinuxMusicians, and also linked within Wikiloops. Thanks Dore Mark!

The makers of my upright bass

The webpage of Christopher basses in Germany has a changed address – you can now leave away the “en” for an English description, so it’s simply for now…

I have the DB202T Gamba model which now seems to be their base (cheapest) model:

Christopher DB202T

As I’ve learnt when I once asked, the “T” in the name stands for the size of 3/4. So now I’ve also updated the link in my Wikiloops gallery.

As always, thanks for reading.

“That is a sound coming from heaven”

Paul Thompson meant a combined Fender Rhodes and real piano sound overlaid over each other, but here he’s talking about the five great bass players on one of my favourite albums, Donald Fagen’s “The Nightfly”:

From the Bottom: The Bassists of THE NIGHTFLY (1982)

And the next one should be interesting for singers as well, because she’s a legend herself:

From the Bottom: The Bassists of HEJIRA (1976)

Now if you’re a bass player, do yourself a favour and go and transcribe these bass lines yourself if possible. And in case you’re a singer/songwriter/poet, have a look and listen to Joni Mitchell’s iconic album. Love them both.

As always, thanks for reading, and/or viewing.