New region “Kölsch”?

Had to smile this morning – I wanted to see KDE Plasma, so I downloaded the current UbuntuStudio which is based upon KDE to have a look. Put it onto my USB stick, booted from that, and while looking at the different settings, I found this:

Region “Doûtschland – Kölsch (ksh_DE)

Funny to read that date and time as “Samsdaach, dä 10. Juuli 2021 09:18:42 UTC (long format) 🙂 I guess some people in Cologne would probably love to have that on their screens 🙂

The backgrounds which are available are also very nice – you can for instance select a “picture of the day” from sources like Flickr, or like in this image, Unsplash:

Unsplash background for KDE Plasma

Very nice. UbuntuStudio made that task bar at the top I guess, normally KDE has it on the bottom – and yes, they have styles which look more like Windows or even the Mac (or Windows 11 with a centered task bar on the bottom of the screen).

Looks very nice, and like I remember it from long ago, KDE is still very configurable, much more so than Gnome or any other desktop. Oh, and UbuntuStudio brings KDE Connect as a default, so you can integrate your Android phone right away.

Very nice. If you don’t mind short release cycles (this one is supported until end of this year), have a look at the current UbuntuStudio or any other up-to-date distribution (like Arch or Fedora) with a KDE Plasma desktop. I liked what I saw so far.

And as always, thanks for reading.