A new desktop (and OS) at work

Yesterday I was some kind of productive at work – and during lunch break I even wiped my machine and installed the newly pushed OS which we should use starting January 1st 2020:

Linux@IBM desktop showing some private stuff

Of course I can’t show you any work-related things here, so I’ve made a screenshot of Firefox showing some private stuff on my new desktop which is now based upon RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) 7.7. This comes with a Gnome3 desktop by default, so at least it looks almost like my Debian at home (not as pretty of course 😛 ).

All in all, a pleasant experience with lots less woes than I expected. And yes, it should run smoothly because for Linux this is the officially supported environment at work.

Edit: here’s another screenshot, showing a virtualized Win10 (with 16GB RAM and 2 CPUs) and some music I made with friends from Wikiloops:

Windows, Linux, and music – all at the same time 🙂

So let’s see how it will work. For the moment, my concerns are (almost) gone, and I can work. Not missing too much until now.

As always, thanks for reading.