One camera takes a picture of another…

So my camera is in Hamburg, at Olympus German headquarters to check what’s wrong, and to estimate how much a repair would cost. And without borrowing any of my older cameras from Zuleikha who now has most of them (my E-520, my E-PL1, and Mitchie’s E-PL5), I still have what almost everyone has (and carries […]

Back to camera gear for a moment

Just read a very nice article by Dave Pardue on Imaging Resource about what he calls the “middle ground” cameras. It even has a photo of Mitchie’s Olympus E-M5 Mk2, which is indeed a very cool piece of equipment. And I think, for this year in retrospect, he’s right. Lots and lots of so-called “full […]

Some more virtual pianos, and a real one

About a year ago or so I’ve compared virtual sampled pianos myself, and I did that using a downloaded MIDI file with Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five”, played by someone I don’t know anymore (forgot to save that information together my my download as I’m afraid of). Anyway, for the purpose of pure sound (and effect) […]