Wise men… (good one)

Today I’ve read an interesting thread about iPhones in a musician’s board, and much of it reminded me of the time when my last employer bought us all iPhones (SE 2020), just in case the internet would be down (that was during the pandemic).

One comment was:

Kluge Menschen kaufen Apple Aktien statt Apple Geräte.

which, translated by myself, means as much as:

“Wise men buy Apple shares instead of Apple devices.”

I had to smile a bit, but then I found this TechCrunch article, where someone calculated it (or rather, had it calculated with the use of ChatGPT).

Turns out that if you had bought Apple shares in the amount of what each consecutive Apple iPhone would have cost you, today you would have $147,000. Plus you would have done something good for Mother Nature… See also: here… 😉

Like always, thanks for reading.