Went back to the Twenty Seventeen theme

I just find that one to be much more useful and organized, and not so simple and at the same time bold as the newer one.

Sorry guys, but Twenty Nineteen is not for me…

I’m still undecided about the new “Gutenberg” editor of WordPress, don’t like that much as well. Let’s see if I can get used to it…

WordPress 5, Gutenberg, and Twenty Nineteen…

Ok, I’ll simply start writing here in a normal “paragraph” as they called it now, and then add some other stuff. Like for instance an image:

Squier Vintage Modified Precision Bass Fretless

Or “custom html”:

Here I’ll insert a link to Zuleikha’s page. It should open in a new tab or window…

Next will be a Flickr photo:

Tuna the cat, Moerfelden-Walldorf 2018

What else do we have? A “classic block”, whatever that might be…:

Aaahh, looks like an embedded mini version of the former editor which is now called “classic”…

Then comes a “heading”:

Ok. H4 here.

Then, a “gallery”…

Or a “list”:

  • one
  • two
  • three
  • many…

Finally, a quote:

don’t waste time it’s prime

© marmotte
Lyrics: Sistahood

Ok, enough for now. There are many more “blocks” which you could add, but let’s see how it all turns out in its default form…

Ciao for now…

Scam (they try, but poorly)

I got a few emails lately which contained an unsecure password I once used somewhere – and that site was hacked, and millions of user accounts and passwords were compromised, such as mine. Sites such as TechCrunch reported about that breach.

The emails come from a fake well-known account at Yahoo; these all have more or less the same format.

The threat is the following: they claim I was using some delicate (meaning porn) sites, and while doing so, they – in possession of my password – could hack into *my* system and turn on the webcam, filming me while whatever I would have been doing while consuming that ‘delicate’ stuff.

Problem is, I don’t have a webcam…

Nice try, guys, but sorry – no bitcoins from me. Go f**k yourselves.


Just finished upgrading our server here @lonien.de to the current stable version of Debian, plus installing free certificates from Let’s Encrypt for most (Sub-) Domains we run here.

Which is cool, and opens up lots of new possibilities. As an example, I’m posting this from my phone right now, from which I also took a screenshot. Note the green lock symbol on its Chrome browser:

As always, thanks for reading.