Most popular on XDA

Well this is interesting. Over at XDA Developers, there’s an article about the “Most popular custom ROMs for Android in 2023“. And of course on top of that list there just had to be LineageOS, as it’s probably the most popular custom ROM anywhere, not only on the XDA developers’ site.

What’s more interesting than that is the place 2 of the list, which is PixelExperience, or PE in short. And that’s interesting because it supports lots of vendors, and it turns their devices basically into almost original Pixel phones (minus the hardware like Titan chips of course). Haven’t tried it yet, but for the Pixel 3a like for many others there’s Android 13 available.

Until now, and both on the Google Nexus 5 and now on the Pixel 3a, I have tried /e/OS, LineageOS, and most recently now, GrapheneOS – so I’ve had basically every possible experience with and without Google services like microG or even the original ones (also on original phones). And all of these have their virtues, and also their different goals. While some of these ROMs simply prolong the lifespan of your device, others try to avoid Google and are built more on security aspects like application sandboxing and memory isolation. All valid reasons to try something different than a Google or Apple (or Samsung or any other) device.

I find all of that interesting. If the 3a (or the 4a) were still my “daily drivers”, then I’d be glad that I have choices, and would try and check if GrapheneOS and the app from my bank like each other. If not, I’d probably try PixelExperience – or any other one which supports the devices longer than Google does. The 3a is out of support since a while, the 4a will soon be, and so on… and anything is better than throwing devices away, isn’t it?

Thanks for reading.