Some nice photos from Snowdonia…

There’s a family who calls their Youtube channel “Hold my lens cap!“, and they were out comparing their usual Sony A7 camera system with a used Olympus which they had on loan from MPB. They tried what they liked to do best, namely landscapes and portraits, and the result was like expected, at least for me. But look at their nice landscape shots from Northern Wales, their cute son, and some pretty model shots if you’re into that:

An unfair battle: Micro Four Thirds vs Full Frame (Olympus vs Sony)

Without spoiling the fun, one of the commenters said something like: “of course that was unfair for the poor Sony” 😉 In fact, it’s not that easy, like in so many cases there can’t be a clear “winner”. But anyway, have fun while watching it 🙂

Thanks to Alyssa and her family for the fun, and thanks to you for watching (and leave them a ‘like’ as well).