Slumberland gets my 9/10

I’ve started to vote for things I watch in IMDB, and while Slumberland’s critiques and reviews are just so-so (average rating is 6.7/10 by 12,000 people while I write this), I thought about it and wanted to give it a proper 8. Then, after reading thekarmicnomad’s critique and rating of 9 I thought that (s)he’s right – this does have a lot of heart, and it is very well written as well – so I gave it a 9 also.

What won me over right in the first minutes of the film was the music, when daughter and father sat on the piano and played ‘The parting glass‘ (love love love that song, and forever I will):

The Parting Glass (taken from the Slumberland theme)

So if you have the time, I think it’s well worth it – Slumberland gets my recommendation (everything 8 and above will). The music’s just great, the piglet is really cute, and Flip… well you’ll find out, no further spoilers here.

Like always, thanks for reading/watching/listening.