Pulang gets my 8/10

After watching lots of Korean movies and series lately, I wanted to get more into Malaysian ones – sadly, Netflix doesn’t seem to have that many. But last night I started with Pulang, which I just rated 8/10 on IMDB. Some other commenter there compared it to Titanic and wrote that this is even better, because it’s based upon a real story. Well I don’t know about that, but in case you have Netflix, it’s still worthwhile. Here’s the trailer:


And of course I watched it in Malay, with English subtitles. Recommended, on Netflix.

Slumberland gets my 9/10

I’ve started to vote for things I watch in IMDB, and while Slumberland’s critiques and reviews are just so-so (average rating is 6.7/10 by 12,000 people while I write this), I thought about it and wanted to give it a proper 8. Then, after reading thekarmicnomad’s critique and rating of 9 I thought that (s)he’s right – this does have a lot of heart, and it is very well written as well – so I gave it a 9 also.

What won me over right in the first minutes of the film was the music, when daughter and father sat on the piano and played ‘The parting glass‘ (love love love that song, and forever I will):

The Parting Glass (taken from the Slumberland theme)

So if you have the time, I think it’s well worth it – Slumberland gets my recommendation (everything 8 and above will). The music’s just great, the piglet is really cute, and Flip… well you’ll find out, no further spoilers here.

Like always, thanks for reading/watching/listening.

Wikilonians Online Jam

Sharing a Youtube video from 2012 here:

wikilonians online jam

Like Dick & Mr. Baer said, you’re invited – and it’s free. Join us, it’s fun! 🙂

Setting output levels in Ardour

Some fellow musician in Wikiloops asked about output levels of songs, and how to get these. I tried to answer it to my best knowledge, and also explained how *I* do this using Ardour. Since version 6.3 of Ardour there are two ways to export to a certain loudness level, and I hadn’t fully explained that before, so I did it now – and made a short howto video about it:

short loudness tutorial ardour6

In case that is useful, I’m glad that I could help. And as always, thanks for reading, and watching/listening.

Mobile phone as a dashcam, part two

It doesn’t really work…

Today I’ve tried it on the bicycle, and came home with mixed results: my bicycle has a steel frame and no dampers, so that’s too hard even for the (electronic) image stabilisation in the Google Pixel phone. And then there’s wind noise, hadn’t thought of that as well… so I’ll show a few photos I took using my camera instead of videos:

Portrait in reflection, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2021
Mobile phone on a bicycle, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2021
Boule, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2021
My dirty bicycle, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2021

As you can see I didn’t clean my bicycle before trying it, I really wanted to test just the mobile phone holder on it, and if I could take videos. Well, no, not really – so that holder would only be good if you’d want to use the phone for navigation (which should never happen on a bicycle anyway – can’t go that far from home)…

The bicycle is a very nice T-300 from Fahrradmanufaktur, a bit like this one, but instead of a Gates belt drive mine has a capsuled normal chain drive, like this one. Very nice bicycles, easily recommendable – and I really should use (and clean) mine more often…

Back to the car: we took the car out to Rödelheim, and I’ve tried to take videos from that drive again – but today as it seems it was perhaps a bit too hot to do that – the phone switched off in both directions after some 17 and 10 minutes, respectively. I couldn’t really read the cause of that, because I had to concentrate on the road, so heat is my guess… have to try if it does that when used as navigation device (with Android Auto, or with Google Maps) as well… if yes, then another mount for the car’s cooling slots would possibly have been a better one. But no, I won’t return anything because of that. “Lehrgeld”, as we say here in Germany. Education isn’t always free.

As always, thanks for reading.

Mobile phone as a dashcam

We – the collective “we” – are documenting our lives using mobile phones by now, all around the globe, using them for photos, videos, everything. And lately I saw some videos where people used mobile phones instead of action cams, like on bicycles, motorcycles, and in cars. So I thought “Why not?”, and since we all have these devices already, we might as well use them.

So I bought a car holder, an adapter for power, and tried it today. We were driving from one of the big supermarkets in Germany (Aldi) to another (Rewe), which took about 8 minutes, and I’ve used two recent tracks from Wikiloops on which I’ve played the double bass, “Colours“, and “Going down” for the video:


Got another holder for the bicycle as well – and maybe I’ll try that one tomorrow…

As always, thanks for reading, viewing, and listening. And of course thanks to my friends over at the ‘loops as well 🙂

Sweet Dreams

Saw the sweetest drama ever, and terima kasih to my wife for translating most of it for me:

[EPISOD PENUH] Sweet Dreams – EP1 (Mira Filzah,Ben Amir,Sean Lee,PU Azman)

This is the first full episode of 20 (well 19 and 20 are identical until the last 5 minutes or so, where they split into a sad / a happy ending).

This was produced in 2019, and broadcasted from August 5th until September 5th on Malaysian Pay TV (Astro Ria). Sadly, no subtitles, but after watching just a few minutes you’ll realize that this is something special.

Loved that show, and I’m so glad that I could see it. Really recommended stuff, even if you – like me – don’t understand most of it.

Capaldi / Coleman

I first saw Peter Capaldi as the 12th Dr. Who together with his companion Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald less than a week ago, in what appeared to be the last episodes of the 9th series of the long-running Doctor.

And what should I say, other than that I was blown away by their performance? Jenna plays Clara from series 7-9, and Peter is the Doctor in the series 8-10, so in 8 and 9 they’re together (but from what I’ve seen so far, the 7th and 10th are also worth it).

Both the DVD and the BluRay sets are quite expensive, but as soon as I’ve cleaned up a little more space in our bookshelf these will be ordered. If you’ve ever seen the doctor, well, in my opinion Peter just redefined the role and made it his. And Jenna as Clara? Wow, the “impossible girl” can’t be beaten as well in my opinion.

So good, these two… and really recommended. Family-friendly series, from age 12 in Germany (our official recommendation). For me, personally? A must see (Peter would probably say: “a hell of a show”) 🙂

Auf Deutsch: Der Eberhofer Franz

Letzte Woche Mittwoch und Donnerstag wurden in 3Sat zwei ‘Eberhofer’ Krimis gezeigt – das sagte mir erstmal nix, aber da Mitchie Krimis mag und die Filme ab 12 sind dachte ich am Donnerstag, man könne ja mal reingucken.

Haben wir gelacht! Und gleich den verpaßten Film vom Vortag in der Mediathek gesehen, einer ist auch jetzt gerade noch in der ARD-Mediatek verfügbar…

Zuleikha und ich haben dann später auch noch den 3. von bisher insgesamt 6 Filmen (und 10 Büchern) in der Mediathek des Schweizer Fernsehens gesehen, nacheinander und auf einem Mobiltelefon mit der ‘Zapp’ App aus dem F-Droid Appstore (unbedingt mal danach suchen, das lohnt!).

Also – wer der Eberhofer Franz und sein bester Freund Birkenberger Rudi eigentlich sind, worum’s geht und was es mit all den komischen Speisen der Oma oder dem Kraut vom Papa so auf sich hat erfahrt Ihr am besten auf der Webseite der Autorin:


Der neueste Film kommt am nächsten Donnerstag, den 1. August in die Kinos, zum Beispiel in Groß-Gerau. Den werden wir uns in der Woche danach auch ansehen – um aber erst einmal die anderen Folgen alle zu sehen hab ich eben die ‘Kruzi Fünferl Box’ bestellt:

Und weil’s hier 5 DVDs für 23 Euro gibt und man dafür beim größten Versender auch noch Porto bezahlen müßte (weil unter 30 Euro), hab ich noch ein Buch mit drauf gelegt:

Bin ja seit einiger Zeit auch Murakami-Fan. Der ist zwar weniger lustig, aber mindestens genauso Kult wie der Eberhofer Franz.

Wird alles am Samstag kommen; cool!

Und wie immer danke für’s Lesen.