Sweet Dreams

Saw the sweetest drama ever, and terima kasih to my wife for translating most of it for me:

[EPISOD PENUH] Sweet Dreams – EP1 (Mira Filzah,Ben Amir,Sean Lee,PU Azman)

This is the first full episode of 20 (well 19 and 20 are identical until the last 5 minutes or so, where they split into a sad / a happy ending).

This was produced in 2019, and broadcasted from August 5th until September 5th on Malaysian Pay TV (Astro Ria). Sadly, no subtitles, but after watching just a few minutes you’ll realize that this is something special.

Loved that show, and I’m so glad that I could see it. Really recommended stuff, even if you – like me – don’t understand most of it.

Capaldi / Coleman

I first saw Peter Capaldi as the 12th Dr. Who together with his companion Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald less than a week ago, in what appeared to be the last episodes of the 9th series of the long-running Doctor.

And what should I say, other than that I was blown away by their performance? Jenna plays Clara from series 7-9, and Peter is the Doctor in the series 8-10, so in 8 and 9 they’re together (but from what I’ve seen so far, the 7th and 10th are also worth it).

Both the DVD and the BluRay sets are quite expensive, but as soon as I’ve cleaned up a little more space in our bookshelf these will be ordered. If you’ve ever seen the doctor, well, in my opinion Peter just redefined the role and made it his. And Jenna as Clara? Wow, the “impossible girl” can’t be beaten as well in my opinion.

So good, these two… and really recommended. Family-friendly series, from age 12 in Germany (our official recommendation). For me, personally? A must see (Peter would probably say: “a hell of a show”) 🙂

Auf Deutsch: Der Eberhofer Franz

Letzte Woche Mittwoch und Donnerstag wurden in 3Sat zwei ‘Eberhofer’ Krimis gezeigt – das sagte mir erstmal nix, aber da Mitchie Krimis mag und die Filme ab 12 sind dachte ich am Donnerstag, man könne ja mal reingucken.

Haben wir gelacht! Und gleich den verpaßten Film vom Vortag in der Mediathek gesehen, einer ist auch jetzt gerade noch in der ARD-Mediatek verfügbar…

Zuleikha und ich haben dann später auch noch den 3. von bisher insgesamt 6 Filmen (und 10 Büchern) in der Mediathek des Schweizer Fernsehens gesehen, nacheinander und auf einem Mobiltelefon mit der ‘Zapp’ App aus dem F-Droid Appstore (unbedingt mal danach suchen, das lohnt!).

Also – wer der Eberhofer Franz und sein bester Freund Birkenberger Rudi eigentlich sind, worum’s geht und was es mit all den komischen Speisen der Oma oder dem Kraut vom Papa so auf sich hat erfahrt Ihr am besten auf der Webseite der Autorin:


Der neueste Film kommt am nächsten Donnerstag, den 1. August in die Kinos, zum Beispiel in Groß-Gerau. Den werden wir uns in der Woche danach auch ansehen – um aber erst einmal die anderen Folgen alle zu sehen hab ich eben die ‘Kruzi Fünferl Box’ bestellt:

Und weil’s hier 5 DVDs für 23 Euro gibt und man dafür beim größten Versender auch noch Porto bezahlen müßte (weil unter 30 Euro), hab ich noch ein Buch mit drauf gelegt:

Bin ja seit einiger Zeit auch Murakami-Fan. Der ist zwar weniger lustig, aber mindestens genauso Kult wie der Eberhofer Franz.

Wird alles am Samstag kommen; cool!

Und wie immer danke für’s Lesen.

Wrote a short review of a DVD on IMDb

The movie I wrote about is “A Film About Kids and Music“, and my short review of it is here.

I didn’t get the link to the Tom Jobim tribute site correctly there, and also got Ramon’s name wrong in the end, but I hope it helps selling a few more of these DVDs – buying one would be totally worth it IMO.

I had written about that music school project several times before, and also about the Tom Jobim tribute page, here for instance.

Joan Chamorro thanked me already (I had informed him with email about my review), and he sent back this nice article about the band.

And yes, sometimes I cry when seeing or hearing beautiful things. Sokrates explained that in his Phaidros, a short German summary can be found on Wikipedia. The essence of it: music is very powerful, it can remind your soul of the divine beauty.

Thanks for reading.

P.S.: Read the comments under this video which is an excerpt from the DVD sans subs, and you will get an idea of what kind of beauty I was talking about above. It captures everyone.

Learning just another (filmmaking) program, while not forgetting about photography

Recently, Zuleikha had just another gig as a musician (playing piano), and we recorded it – Mitchie on video with her Olympus E-PL5 and the 45mm/1.8 lens (on her tripod of course), and me with my Røde NT-1A microphone, the Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 (2nd gen) interface, and the Lenovo Thinkpad P50 laptop/notebook which I’ve got from my employer.

Zuleikha’s piano teacher asked us to make a DVD from all the attendees’ performances, so we recorded everyone instead of just our own daughter. And since then (that was Sunday evening), I’m trying to learn just another video-editing program.

Why? Well because Ardour is more like Avid’s Pro Tools – a music studio inside of your computer, and OpenShot is a video editor which we’ve used previously, but which also gave me some headaches already – for bigger projects like a full-blown DVD, it’s not the most stable and full-featured one.

So at the moment I’m looking at the community version of Cinelerra, which seems to be great. There’s a very nice article on the German ubuntuusers wiki, with some additional nice links, like the one to Raffaella Traniello’s “Cinelerra for Grandma” – that answered most of my questions (and struggles) so far.

It’s still quite a lot to learn – these are not your basic editors, but full-blown and -featured professional programs like the commercial ones on other operating systems (and also a bit like Ardour vs. Pro Tools or Logic).

And with all that music- and video-related stuff, I’m still not forgetting about photography, even if I do that only for private and family “jobs” right now. So I’m still regularly reading the most interesting bloggers (and pros) like Kirk Tuck, or Michael Johnston’s “The Online Photographer” (and listening to Brooks Jensen’s “Lenswork Daily” podcasts).

I just answered one of Mike’s posts for instance, which was about his thought of a dual camera system (one his iphone, the other one maybe a Sony A7-2). My answer to that one, in case you don’t find it on his page, was:

“Love the idea, Mike.

I’ve got an Olympus OM-D E-M10 (first gen) which in cameras is in my opinion the equivalent to what our Corolla is in cars. It will do the job, and get you the picture. Not the best, but a quite acceptable one.

But the A7 Mk2 is the one that really interest me, even more so since I realized that both of our Olympus film bodies (OM-1 and OM-2) are having problems with their shutters, and ruin many potentially good (and expensive) film shots. So yes, a “digital back” for my OM Zuiko 50mm/1.4 would be great to have.

Or maybe an FM-2; could even be better. But that wouldn’t accept my Zuiko lens AFAIK.”

So beside my full-time professional job (still having to earn a living for us all), and beside my honorary work in the school’s parents’ association, I’m quite busy at the moment. Holding on to the next task, like: make a DVD for the parents of the other young and aspiring musicians – and for their teacher of course.

But being busy, and being together with the young ones keeps you young as well – or so they say 😉

Thanks for reading.

And now – something for the bassists

Here are two very basic but nonetheless useful lessons for beginning bass players. The first one talks about the two most common mistakes done by slap players, the second deals with the single most important thing to learn. Oh, and the example music is great as well; in the second it’s “Autumn Leaves” again. Look and listen if you’re interested:

Scott is doing this for a living, apart from being a session musician – so if you need that kind of advice from a real working pro, consider to join (and pay) him for what he does.

Oh, and his mentioning of “scales and arpeggios” reminded me of a must-see movie especially for musicians. So the following two are from Aristocats, and remember: you have to practise your scales and you arpeggios before you can even try thinking about performing the second one:

Yeah. Cool cats they are. Enjoy.

Video editing on Linux

I haven’t done or tried it since a while, but “Today’s Big Story” on LXer with its headline “The current state of video editing on Linux” grabbed my attention. And the article on opensource.com gives some nice links to learn Blender – I should watch a couple of these, since I was a bit overwhelmed by that program in the past.

The best thing about Linux, again and again? That this is all just an ‘apt-get install‘ away, at least on Debian (and/or on Ubuntu)… 🙂