A portrait of Tuna from October 27th, 2020

I’m quite happy that I could get my camera working as usual again, without having to send it in for repairs and such – so today I thought about using a studio strobe again, haven’t done that in a while (since the photo shoot for school in early spring).

And I was just finished setting everything up and measuring the light intensity when my favourite model decided to relocate – so I’d had to turn, measure again, and live with a not-so-optimal kind of light. I’d loved to having added a second one of my studio strobes, but that one also didn’t have a power cable attached, and I would have to climb to reach it on its higher stand… so…

Tuna the cat, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2020

That’s what I came up with. Much better and sharper than yesterday’s photo using the incandescent room light of course; all measures are better once you’ll get a flash or studio strobe into the game – lower ISO, much better colour accuracy, shorter times (the camera is on 1/160th of a second, but the strobe was way faster than that which really freezes any motion), and you can close down the aperture a bit (here I was using f/4), all of which would give a better picture. Really, having a flash or strobe which you can bounce over a wall like here will make more of a difference than having a 1k€ lens vs. a 300€ one… (I was discussing that with a friend recently).

It’s hard to get the light just as you’ll want it and then have an animal sitting still at the exactly right place, these are rare moments. But it’s still fun and good practise to also try with not so optimal conditions, all of that will make you think, and see, and if you’re honestly judging yourself and your results, it will make you a better photographer in the long run… or so we hope… 🙂

Anyway. As always, thanks for viewing.