Until Silence Falls

This one’s a hit. And it never needed me, it’s complete as it is, with everything in place just where it belongs to. Evocative, and haunting- and like so often I wonder how this girl comes up with thoughts so deep… and even twice, that sweet contralto voice going down a fifth really gets me here…

Oh, and as some commenters on #131549 (the vocal track of this) said:
“007 is on his way… too good”
“for a 007 movie”

True. And I think with a real orchestra like always, her majesty’s secret service (film & music production crew) should consider themselves lucky and honoured to have this singer in one of the Bond movies:

Enjoy. And then please, my dear ones, go and hurry to the ‘loops and give a few thumb-ups to those who sing and play here, as long as they can still see your positive feedback. Until silence falls…

I’ll never forget this one, thank you my dear friends.

Thank you for listening.