May. One image a day.

Well, the weather still is nothing much to write home about, except that it’s single digit Celsius while I write this. And so most of the activities are indoors. I also didn’t take too many photos since the beginning of May, but here is one from each of its first three days:


Zuleikha on her Mama’s computer, May 2014


Ducks at a koi pond


A small and old surround receiver

The first one is just one of the many portraits I take of Zuleikha growing up. She was sitting on her chair at the dining table, and using Mitchie’s notebook. E-PL5 camera with the 45mm lens almost fully open at f/2.2.

I took the second one yesterday during my lunch break, shooting “from the hip” with tapping on the upwards angled display of the camera. Same camera, lens, and even aperture as in the first one I think, except that this is ISO 200, and the first one indoors was ISO 800. Cropped this one to a 16:9 format.

The third one from today shows our small and old surround receiver, which I reactivated today. We don’t use it for surround since we’ve moved into this flat, and I’m planning to get a pair of better speakers for stereo at least. In fact I prefer stereo to surround because the latter takes away the room you live in, while the stereo mode actually makes use of it. Let’s see how that turns out, and if that smallish receiver has enough power for better speakers. The sound quality can only win.

Ok, now I’m off to listen to a recorded TV series from yesterday over the old speakers on that receiver. In case you’re wondering what I’ll watch: it’s “Luther“, with Idris Elba, whom I liked a lot in “The Wire“.

Thanks for reading.