Me on film, August 2019

Got my first film back from the lab, together with some prints (10x15cm), and scans on CD which aren’t very good or high-res (but we knew that already, doesn’t matter since these are cheap).

I’m not too convinced with the colours from their Kodak Gold colour negative film (200ASA), so I tried a black & white conversion using RawTherapee, and added a white border in Darkroom with the last image from that film. Looks like this:

Me, on film

Not too bad, my “full frame” camera from ca. 1972 or so, hm? Scaled down to your usual image height for screens like here (1080 pixels high), or even printed on 10x15cm paper, the results are very nice. And I’m sure that they’d be even better if I would scan the images myself (and maybe I’ll do that with a few prettier ones).

Edit: just converted another one to black & white, same method as above:

Zuleikha, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2019

As always, thanks for reading, and for viewing.

A new tripod ball head for Mitchie

Got this Manfrotto MH494-BH for Mitchie’s 190-series tripod today:

A new Manfrotto Mini Ball Head 494 for Mitchie

And yes, that’s her camera and lens.

Oh, and like the photo in my last blog post I used RawTherapee 5.5 (and only that) on my Linux machine to make this with a simulated Kodak Portra 160VC film. Also cropped it to a 4:5 format. Took it with my E-M10 Mk2 and the 45mm/1.8 lens at f/2.

Mitchie’s new tripod head feels and operates very nice, and for the size of her camera it’s the appropriate size as well. And it has friction control and even a panoramic mode – cool.

Thanks for reading.

In Time – an album by Zuleikha, Wolfgang & friends from Wikiloops

With Zuleikha’s latest upload from last Thursday, we completed an album featuring her as well as other ‘loopers and myself. So here’s the cover, the sleeve, and a link to it:

In Time
In Time

So please listen to it and/or download the album on its page on Wikiloops. See my other albums in the widget area on the right of this page (also with links to their respective pages).

And as always, thanks for reading and/or listening.

Auf Deutsch: Der Eberhofer Franz

Letzte Woche Mittwoch und Donnerstag wurden in 3Sat zwei ‘Eberhofer’ Krimis gezeigt – das sagte mir erstmal nix, aber da Mitchie Krimis mag und die Filme ab 12 sind dachte ich am Donnerstag, man könne ja mal reingucken.

Haben wir gelacht! Und gleich den verpaßten Film vom Vortag in der Mediathek gesehen, einer ist auch jetzt gerade noch in der ARD-Mediatek verfügbar…

Zuleikha und ich haben dann später auch noch den 3. von bisher insgesamt 6 Filmen (und 10 Büchern) in der Mediathek des Schweizer Fernsehens gesehen, nacheinander und auf einem Mobiltelefon mit der ‘Zapp’ App aus dem F-Droid Appstore (unbedingt mal danach suchen, das lohnt!).

Also – wer der Eberhofer Franz und sein bester Freund Birkenberger Rudi eigentlich sind, worum’s geht und was es mit all den komischen Speisen der Oma oder dem Kraut vom Papa so auf sich hat erfahrt Ihr am besten auf der Webseite der Autorin:

Der neueste Film kommt am nächsten Donnerstag, den 1. August in die Kinos, zum Beispiel in Groß-Gerau. Den werden wir uns in der Woche danach auch ansehen – um aber erst einmal die anderen Folgen alle zu sehen hab ich eben die ‘Kruzi Fünferl Box’ bestellt:

Und weil’s hier 5 DVDs für 23 Euro gibt und man dafür beim größten Versender auch noch Porto bezahlen müßte (weil unter 30 Euro), hab ich noch ein Buch mit drauf gelegt:

Bin ja seit einiger Zeit auch Murakami-Fan. Der ist zwar weniger lustig, aber mindestens genauso Kult wie der Eberhofer Franz.

Wird alles am Samstag kommen; cool!

Und wie immer danke für’s Lesen.

Some photos of our London trip, taken by Zuleikha or by Mitchie

Here are some photos which Mitchie and Zuleikha took, including some of me (which you rarely see around here because mostly you see photos taken by me, not of me…) – so, about chronological:

Wolfgang & Zuleikha, Bruxelles Midi 2019
Wolfgang & Zuleikha, Bruxelles Midi 2019
Zuleikha in a Eurostar train, Bruxelles Midi 2019
Wolfgang at St Pancras International, London 2019
Wolfgang at St Pancras International, London 2019
Wolfgang in a double decker bus at Canning Town, London 2019
Wolfgang & Zuleikha in the Jubilee line around Westminster, London 2019
Zuleikha in the tube, London 2019
Zuleikha in front of 221b Baker Street, London 2019
Wolfgang & Zuleikha at the Rock and Sole Plaice fish & chips restaurant, London 2019
Wolfgang with angel wings in front of the redemption bar, Old Street London 2019
Zuleikha in the Eurostar at St Pancras International, London 2019
In the Eurostar at 298 km/h

So these were some of the photos which Mitchie and Zuleikha took. I’ll leave it to them to show you some more on their own blogs.

As always, thanks for viewing.

London – Friday July 12th

There weren’t any plans (from my family) for Friday, so I suggested to visit the Bike Shed in Old Street. It’s partly store, partly restaurant, partly motorcycle repair and club, and you can even get a haircut there if you like.

But on the way there, I first saw this strange architecture:

A very strange building near Old Street, London 2019

Looks like its maker fell in a whiskey jar before the first drawings… anyway, here is a nice custom Duc:

Custom built 1984 Ducati for sale at the Bike Shed, London 2019

The shop also had some very nice Belstaff jackets for slightly less than 500 quid, and even a normal T-Shirt was 35 pounds (kids’ shirts far smaller than for Zuleikha were 15 pounds), so we passed on buying something.

Instead, we first went to Baker Street, but only took photos from outside the Sherlock Holmes museum – my next idea & suggestion was Harrods, so from Baker Street we hopped on the 74 bus to head there – via Hyde Park again, and this time I took a photo of the traffic around Hyde Park Corner:

Traffic at Hyde Park as seen from a double decker bus, London 2019

We didn’t stay in Harrods for too long – it may well be “all things for all men” – as long as you can afford it. Coming out and going around the corner, you see their clientele’s car’s parked:

Some fast cars from Kuwait behind Harrod’s, London 2019

These two had licenses from Kuwait – maybe my colleague Nabil was in for a short (and fast) trip as well? 😉

Back in the tube, I asked a local (very friendly officer) for a restaurant tip again – it was our last day in London, and both Mitchie and Zuleikha have never tried the famous fish & chips. He sent us to the Rocks and Sole Plaice near Covent Garden which again was a very good tip – thanks so much, sir!

The best of the day was yet to come: Mitchie had contact to a friend with whom she studied in Wisconsin, and who lives about an hour from London – so both Salma and her husband came in via train at Waterloo station. And after some coffee they took us to a pub and then to another (this time Indian) restaurant, so we had very good food again, and in wonderful company. They’re now off to Malaysia but promised to visit us around here as soon as they can.

So we were ‘home’ (at our hotel) a bit later than planned – we had to pack and leave early, so that was our Friday then.

London – Thursday July 11th

For Thursday, it was the “Sea Life” aquarium which was on the plan, and for which we had tickets already, so this was where we went. Here are a few photos:

Please turn off your flash, London 2019

I often wondered about using flash on animals – lots of people do this “just to get the shot”, or simply because they don’t care or think. But I’ve never flashed an animal (like bugs and/or butterflies, an exception is our cat), and I later read that indeed doing so can ruin their eyes forever – so I was glad to see signs like the one above. So don’t “shoot” what you love – take photographs with a bit of care and consideration instead.

The Sea Life in London has very nice and funky lights anyway – you can take lots of great photos if you just see the lights as they are:

Portrait of Zuleikha at Sea Life, London 2019

And that includes the animals:

Blue, poisonous, and cute, London 2019
Trust in me… , London 2019
Croc on the watch, London 2019

All in all, a great place to be, and well worth the time and money. It takes about two hours to get through, even if you let the occasional school classes pass, and wait a bit until they’re gone.

Then, once you’re out, you’re just beneath the “London Eye”:

(Part of) The London Eye, London 2019

And starting from there you’ll see and hear street musicians, some of them really good. Couldn’t support them all, but Zuleikha dropped some coins whenever she liked one.

Plans were to see the bridges, but for me, I didn’t fancy all the walking – so I suggested to see them from a boat instead. Mitchie and Zuleikha accepted, and we looked for a TfL boat to book a roundtrip to Greenwich. So here are some photos from the rest of our day:

River, London 2019
Waterloo Bridge and skyline of London, London 2019
Skyline of Canary Wharf high rises from a boat, London 2019
Poplar Rowing Club and Canary Wharf skyline from Greenwich Pier, London 2019
Statue of William IV in Greenwich Park, Greenwich London 2019
Multi Million Pound homes, London 2019
St. Paul’s Cathedral from the river, London 2019

After the boat tour we were hungry, and this time Mitchie found some address on her phone, a very nice restaurant with Italian food. On our way to it, we passed Westminster Abbey:

Westminster Abbey, London 2019

As you can see, the sun was low already, so after our meal we made it back to the hotel. By the way, Mitchie liked the Jubilee line of the London subway (“tube”), but Zuleikha loved the announcements on another one:

This is a Hammersmith & City line train to Barking…

The tube is still the best I’ve ever seen…

London – Wednesday July 10th

On Wednesday, Zuleikha’s plan was to see the British Museum, so this was where we went. After walking around the complete first floor, Zuleikha and Mitchie also wanted to see a Manga exhibition, so I decided to wait outside in front of the building.

There, I met a young lady from Korea who finished her studies as a BBA (like Mitchie), and who now worked as a tour guide in the museum. I took her portrait which I also sent to her already this morning:

Joeun Lee in front of the British Museum, London 2019

There were more opportunities, but I mostly helped other people with their (phone) cameras, to get group shots of the whole family (or groups of friends) – so this one from Joeun Lee is the only one I’ve made with *my* camera.

Mitchie then wanted to collect some things a friend of hers brought for her from Malaysia. That friend was gone again already, but she left the stuff at her office at Petronas in London, which is close to the Thameslink station, so this is where we went. While waiting in the lobby, I took another photo of Zuleikha in some fancy visitors’ chairs:

Zuleikha at the Petronas Lobby, London 2019

I also followed the rule “ask the locals” when Mitchie and Zuleikha said they were hungry, so the colleague of Mitchie’s friend sent us to a nice restaurant nearby which was called the “Hare & Tortoise“, and which is kind of a Japanese/Asian fusion food chain (we were at #2 of several on the map). Very fancy, and the food is very nice, just like promised.

After that, Camden:

Camden Cat (and piano) Rescue in Camden, London 2019

But by the time we arrived at Camden Market we were all to exhausted to “go shopping for vintage clothes” as Shi sang so nicely, and Zuleikha also didn’t want to see the nearby zoo anymore, so after searching for the next overground station we all went back to the hotel. Enough for a day.

London – Tuesday July 9th

So we had more or less lost the Monday, 8th of July waiting at Brussels “South” station, and arrived late in London. But the room was nice, and after waking up on Tuesday, I took a picture (Zuleikha took more than double as many, haven’t seen them all yet). So looking out of our hotel room (4th of 4 floors), slightly to the left, it looked like this:

Construction Sites at Canning Town, London 2019

A cable car, which reminded me of Cologne. Plus, further left (not in the picture) is the city airport, so from time to time we could see planes leaving. To the right, also not to see from our room but nearby was Canning Town station – and we had tickets for the whole week. So we went to Canning Town station by double decker bus – a first one for Zuleikha & Mitchie.

Mitchie’s first action: renew her passport at the Malaysian High Commission, so we went there and had to return at 1500 to pick it up. The time in between? Mitchie and Zuleikha went through Hyde Park, and I waited, couldn’t walk that far.

After the passport was received, we went to the National Gallery, one of the museums Zuleikha wanted to see:

At the National Gallery, London 2019

There was an area for the younger ones, and at one place there was kind of an invitation which was hard not to accept, called #takeonepicture:

Portrait of Zuleikha at #takeonepicture in the National Gallery, London 2019

Flickr has a cool selection tagged #takeonepicture, which is also nice to see. For us, I took another one in the room nearby:

Venetian mask at the National Gallery, London 2019

As I wrote already, Zuleikha (and also Mitchie) took more photos and videos, but I haven’t seen everything yet, so these are only a few of mine.

We had some pasta during the day, and sandwiches in the evening, and called it a day.