Sunrise by Zuleikha L

Zuleikha created her own identity on Wikiloops yesterday, and today she uploaded her second composition (the first one on her own account), called Sunrise: This track is embedded with the friendly permission by the creatives on And today (Monday), she’s the featured new member on the ‘loops: So follow her there if you like […]

Zuleikha plays her composition “You stood by”

Our daughter allowed me to upload this on Wikiloops, where she also added the chord structure: This track is embedded with the friendly permission by the creatives on And she’s collecting some thumb-ups and nice comments already, which is cool. Waiting for her to create her own identity in the ‘loops, so I could […]

Ashley’s Song

We all love this (tho the Japanese original presents a much nicer Ashley than the translated version). Still awesome cover from Carlos & friends: “PANTALONES GIGANTICUS! Oh no, not again!” If you want to hear more from these talented young guys & girl, please visit insaneintherain‘s, adrisaurus‘, and Thunderscott‘s channels.

Three photos from three days

We’ve been to Paris this week. And of course we took all the photos of all the monuments and famous places like everyone else does. Here are three of mine: City of Love, Paris 2018 Kunst or just Kitsch – what do you think? I thought of a double take on the “love” theme, showing […]

A useful software list for Ubuntu 18.04

If you’re using – or planning to use – Ubuntu 18.04 (Mitchie has just upgraded to that), here’s a list of 22 things to do after the upgrade / install. Of course you won’t have to do all of this, and most people using Linux will have some of that knowledge already. There are however […]