“… if a cat can play, a cat can play”

One of my favourites from Roy Hargrove (RIP) is his famous “Strasbourg / St. Denis”:

Roy Hargrove Quintet: Strasbourg / St. Denis

He also has the opening track of this great album – one for bass players and others alike:

Disney Jazz Volume I: Everybody Wants To Be A Cat

This one? I was recently asked what makes a good bass line, and/or how to compose one. After giving it some thought, my answer would be that if I’d get this album as a birthday present myself and started studying the bass lines and where all the players come from, then I’d had enough to do for the next few years…

Enjoy, and thanks for reading & listening.

Edit: prefer a live version of that famous stop in the Parisian Métro? Here you go:

The Roy Hargrove Quintet – Strasbourg St. Denis

Again, thanks for viewing.

27 seconds…

Yesterday on TV some host mentioned a singer holding a note for 20 seconds, making it the longest ever. Well I don’t know if this one is, but it’s 27 seconds already:

Youn Sun Nah, listen from 7:08 to 7:35 (but the rest is brilliant as well)

I’ve embedded that 7:08 minute mark, but you should really listen to the whole – Ulf Wakenius (the guitar player) composed that song just for Youn, and what she does after his solo (at around 6 minutes or so) is simply magic. 30 Seconds later she almost killed me when I first heard this. And the other musicians and “Empty Dream” are worth listening to as well.

Here’s a more recent one, from a bit over a year ago:

Waking World – Youn Sun Nah [Official Video]

Still one of my favourite singers… thanks for listening.


Thanks to an article in The Independent, I found this – and I thought that maybe an anti war video would make a nice Christmas message?


Has English subs, so it should be easy to understand for non Russians as well. Thanks for watching.

P.S.: It’s in The Guardian as well. Still waiting for a message to show up in our “Tagesschau Online”…

Sean Hurley on motive

That’s one of the best I’ve heard… I was trying to help a fellow bass player on Wikiloops, and when looking at the Noble site I found this video of Sean Hurley (one of the best current session players IMO) explaining his motives on how and why and for whom to play the bass. It’s killer, both his playing and his explanations:

Sean Hurley deals some sweet grooves with the Noble preamp DI.

So cool and so much more than just advertisement. The part I’ve meant is the one starting at about 4:40 and lasting to around 6:05 – but the rest and the sound are indeed a nice ad for Noble.

Like always, thanks for reading and for watching/listening. Oh, and btw, and about advertising: I don’t do that here, and I don’t (yet) play a Noble – these are also kind of expensive. Instead I’m using this one at the moment, and I’m happy with it… 🙂 You can hear it in my thread on Wikiloops to which I’ve linked above.


Thinking of a friend, and as it seems he composed this a while ago. You can also hear him playing the guitar solo at around the 4 minute mark:

Sian · KölnBigBand · Ebo Wagner

Like always, thanks for listening.

Recorda Me – Lars Bernsmann (Guitar) & Hervé Jeanne (Bass)

What a great duo they make – just listened to three songs they’d played together, and here’s the one with the least amount of thumbs ups of them:

Recorda Me – Lars Bernsmann (Guitar) & Hervé Jeanne (Bass)

Hervé Jeanne is a fabulous bass player from Luxemburg, best known here in Germany probably because of his work with Roger Cicero, but also well-known about bass players because of his Stringmatrix Youtube channel, where he tests and compares strings, microphones etc., so we don’t have to 🙂

The bass he’s playing here is his 1960 Rubner with Aquila Gold and 22 strings, picked up by his Audio Technica ATM35 microphone mounted on a mic stand instead of the bass itself.

And as you can probably see, Lars plays his Höfner guitar directly into the amp and cabinet, no pedal boards or anything – that’s how a good guitar should sound 😉

The two other videos I’ve heard are “On a Clear Day“, and “My Shining Hour“.

Thanks Hervé and Lars for your wonderful session, and thanks to you for reading and watching, like always.

P.S.: if you want to read more about Hervé, here’s an interview with him from Bass Professor, and in case you want to hear him with the late Roger Cicero (RIP), here’s Roger’s “Zieh die Schuh aus”, with English subtitles:

Roger Cicero – Zieh die Schuh aus (Offizielles Video)

Using open source for music and video, by Bransby

This is a very cool video about what you can achieve using “only” open source software when creating music and videos for the tubes. The gentleman calls himself “Bransby“, and his explanation of things is about the best I’ve seen, so thanks for that, sir! Here we go:

Recording and Mixing using Open Source Software – Ubuntu, Ardour, Calf Plugins

I’ll use this for friends in Wikiloops in case they’ll ask about a howto, so thanks again for your good work and for the nice explanation, Bransby. Oh, and your song is great as well 🙂

Backstreet Rookie – a webtoon series with awesome music

In case you have Netflix, this is a good tip (see Wikipedia and/or IMDB). I hadn’t heard the term ‘webtoon‘ before, but this seems to be the current big thing coming from Korea, and with this series based upon such a webtoon, that might explain its charm – it’s adorable. I totally agree with IMDB reviewer kgolmei who wrote that this is a “Must watch: A stress reliever!!!”. Even the music is awesome – here’s the 6-head girl group April with “Crazy”, one of the main themes of the show (together with a few pictures of it):

[M/V] 에이프릴(APRIL) – Crazy :: 편의점 샛별이 OST Part.2

In case you prefer the lyrics, there’s another video with these.

Oh, and I always suggest watching shows like these in their original versions, with subtitles of your choice (I take English most of the time). That way, you get many more of the original expressions and feelings of the actors/actresses, most of which would be lost in translations.

Again, kgolmei is right: What a relief to see something this nice. And as always, thanks for reading/viewing/listening.

What’s New in Ardour 7.0

I had downloaded the new Ardour 7.0 for both Linux and Windows as soon as it was released, but haven’t tried it yet (except that on Windows I installed it parallel to the 6.9 version I already had).

In case you’re interested, here’s what’s new, in about 4 minutes:

What’s New in Ardour 7.0

Maybe I’ll try it with the next song & project I’ll be “working” on 🙂

As always, thanks for watching. And thanks and congrats to the Ardour team of course.

Edit, from later the same day: as soon as I show this, there’s a new version again. See here


Sometimes you’re just lucky. Today a headline in one of my RSS feeds caught my eye, so I decided to read the article. And I found Tim Henson and his band Polyphia. Listen:

Polyphia – Playing God (Official Music Video)
Polyphia – Ego Death feat. Steve Vai (Official Music Video)

Finally, Rick Beato explaining why their song G.O.A.T. is so great:

What Makes This Song Great? Ep.103 Polyphia “G.O.A.T.”

And like always, thanks for reading / watching. Hope you’ll like it as much as I did.