“Unchain my heart” Rita Payés Sant Andreu Jazz Band

Ok, let’s celebrate WordPress 5.0 “Bebo” with a Youtube video: Should I cite my own comment on that video of Joan Chamorro and his students? Here you go: Wow. Perfection. My Christmas or birthday wish? Your “presents…” and “Jazzing” series. I’ll order all of them. myself, in a comment on Youtube Hope you enjoyed it […]

Magalí Datzira sings Nature Boy

Oh wow – sometimes Joan Chamorro and his students take difficult pieces which they study and perform. But this one, wow – even with much too much reverb (recorded from camera mic instead of mixing console?), this is so good: Oh, and Magalí is a real good double bass player as well as you might […]

Music. Photography. Design.

Wow – this is super interesting, because it brings together all these creative arts: Thanks Estelle – this video and the one about Giant Steps brought you a new subscriber! To my readers: you know I love both music *and* photography – thanks for your interest as well!