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Remembering is good. Remembering a legend is a must.

Jaco Pastorius – Bass Players You Should Know. Ep3

If you never heard of John Francis Anthony „Jaco“ Pastorius III. before, also read the German or the English Wikipedia pages about him. Or any other language which might be linked there.

As always, thanks for reading / viewing / listening.

Recording basics, in 7 minutes: what do you need?

Sanjay explains it better and faster than I could so have a look and a listen:

How to build a home studio 2019 – What do you need?

I’m on Linux, with an i5/16GB/2TB desktop instead of his MacBook Pro, and I also use another DAW (Ardour) and a slightly bigger audio interface (but of the same brand, mine is a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 2nd gen). Instead of his Beyer Dynamic headphones I’m using Sennheiser, and a condenser mike (Røde NT-1A) instead of his dynamic Shure SM7b. My MIDI keyboard is quite old and has 49 full-sized keys, we also use Zuleikha’s Yamaha Arius piano connected to her notebook via USB. Oh, and my studio monitors are the smallest Genelecs, the 8010 (don’t have more space, but they’re awesome!).

But his biggest and best advice comes at the end, in his last or second last sentence: it’s “Record yourself and share it!”. That alone will improve anything you do faster than anything else, so this is a really good advice. And let me add that for the best possible feedback and tips for your progress, you should consider joining us at Wikiloops.

Hope you liked it as much as I did.

Electronic music, with human touch

Just heard a really nice track on Wikiloops from fellow members timp and Fishinmissio, which they called “Walkin in My Sleep“. And it reminded me of an older one which I haven’t heard since quite a while, but where even the video of it was a piece of art. And yes, I know that I can be hopelessly romantic, but here it is as a reminder of that divine chaos which we call “life”:


And as always, thanks for reading, listening, and watching…

Slow Burn by Brian Bromberg

Some days ago Gijs (aka “Fivestringer”), a friend of mine from Wikiloops recommended his favourite contemporary upright bass player, Brian Bromberg. And of course I had to listen, and yes, Gijs is right about Brian – the man is a real force. Listen to his Slow Burn song from his album Downright Upright (which is on my wishlist of course):

Slow Burn_Brian Bromberg.wmv

Wow. ToDo list: transcribe this, and play it on my fretless (I don’t have an upright bass).

Thanks for listening.

Keb’ Mo’, Jennifer Hartswick & Christian McBride, “France”

Here’s another video featuring Keb’ Mo’ which I found via No Treble, a bass players’ mag. And the bass player is definitely worth watching as well, because it’s Christian McBride playing here. Didn’t know the trumpeter until now, but boy that lady plays a bluesy horn as well… so enjoy Keb’ Mo’s “France”:

Keb’ Mo’, Jennifer Hartswick & Christian McBride, “France” Night Owl | NPR Music

Thanks for reading, and for viewing.

Walking Blues featuring Keb’ Mo’ | Playing For Change | Song Around The World

I haven’t reported about the ‘Playing For Change‘ Foundation and movement since a while. But today this came up in my Youtube stream:

Walking Blues featuring Keb’ Mo’ | Playing For Change | Song Around The World

As you can see, it’s a jamming collaboration project very much like Wikiloops, with the difference that at PFC it’s mostly well-known song covers, like a Blues from the 1930s in this case – while at Wikiloops we only allow original material due to legal & copyright matters.

I have colleagues who like this, but have never heard (except from me) about Wikiloops. On the Wikiloops Youtube channel we have a playlist of 5 member collaborations from 2018 (one of them including me), and these caused a lot of video editing and cutting work for Richard.

But some members have their own channels, and do their own video creations, edits, and uploads – and maybe we should do more in that direction – so I’m considering filming myself more often when playing the bass, like some of us do. And if all contributors of a song would do that, then we’d have something like PFC as well – with the difference that we make up and play own stuff.

Food for thought, as prof. Joseph Beuys would have called it…

Thanks for reading, and viewing/listening.

Edit: here is one such video made by a small subgroup of Wikiloops members, not by the whole project. Still nice, and very professional editing here:

“HALF THE TIME” – OFFICIAL VIDEO by Ettore Poggipollini feat Andrea Zey

Again, thanks for viewing, and for listening.

A little appreciation: Feels So Good :)

It’s now almost exactly 15 months since I found and joined Wikiloops, this ‘Über-cool‘ platform for jamming with other musicians from all around the globe. It’s even fun to only listen, and to discover new original music each and every day there – we have different “radios” (streams) to cover almost every taste you might have at the moment. So even for ‘consumers’ this is nice, and it’s heaven for musicians. I’m so glad that I’ve found it.

And if you don’t only listen and/or practise to the looping tracks but remix and upload some stuff yourself, you’ll receive a little appreciation from others in form of nice and helpful comments, and “thumb ups” like in other social media platforms.

And today, I received thumb up number 1000 from fblack (from Spain) on my latest contribution to the track “Story…“. Thumb number 999 was from Ms Shi from England, number 1001 from Pexe from Brasil. So my statistics (which you can see on my profile) looked like this an hour ago:

So thanks go out to my friends on that platform for being nice and commenting and giving feedback in form of these thumb ups. As Chuck Mangione would state it: Feels So Good…

Chuck Mangione – Feels So Good

Thanks again my friends, and to those whom I haven’t met in real life yet: I hope that day comes soon 🙂

Thanks to everyone who reads this, for your interest 🙂

Two years older than me, and oh so beautiful…

Listen to this 1955 recording or The Modern Jazz Quartet, with “Softly”:

The Modern Jazz Quartet – Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise

So unbelievably good. Thanks for listening. And if you have a personal fav version of that song, please let me know about it. Thanks.