What a cool place to hang out…

… because there’s always great music at Emmet’s Place:

Emmet Cohen w/ Mar Vilaseca | Chega de Saudade (No More Blues)
Emmet Cohen w/ Erena Terakubo & Yotam Silberstein | I’ll Remember April
Emmet Cohen w/ Lucy Yeghiazaryan | People Will Say We’re in Love

Also, this:

Live From Emmet’s Place Vol. 87 – Ukraine Benefit (Jazz4Ukraine)

Enjoy… 🙂

Qotd, from Feb 8th, 2022

And this quote of the day comes from Rick Beato:

“Before ProTools, there were Pros…”

Rick Beato
The WEIRDEST Pop Song Intro of All Time

As always, thanks for viewing.

Got a bit nostalgic…

I recently saw ‘The in Between‘, which is a nice movie by the way. And Joey King, the main actress is using an Olympus OM-1N camera and develops her own black & white images in a darkroom which was nice to see as well (tho with a few quirks, the image “seen” though the camera’s viewfinder for instance was *not* the one from an OM-1). Anyway, since at the moment I don’t have film in my OM-2N camera I went and replaced the Micro Zuiko 17mm/1.8 lens:

Olympus 17mm 1.8 lens, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2022

with an old and manual Olympus Zuiko 50mm/1.8 one which I still have. Here’s how the camera looks with that, as “seen” from my phone (Google Pixel 4a):

My camera with an old OM Zuiko lens, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2022

And here’s an image taken with that combination, from about a two meter distance, and with the lens wide open at f=1/1.8:

Upright bass with pickup and a tuner, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2022

Very cool to have this 100mm equivalent look in a 3:2 format, and in black & white. And although this is still ‘instant’ imaging with using the digital sensor in my camera instead of film, the camera was set to ‘M’ (manual) mode, so you still have to work a bit for each image, and of course also set the focus yourself. Slow photography, so to say, and it can be as tasty as slow food 😉 I should probably try that combination for portraits instead of taking the very fast 45mm/1.8 or the very sharp 50mm/2 macro lenses. Working on and thinking about an image *before* you even take it can’t be bad… 😉

As always, thanks for reading, and for viewing.

Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts

These are cool cats from Japan, playing the music from “Cowboy Bebop”:

TANK! Virtual Session 2020 by SEATBELTS Produced by Yoko Kanno

And here’s kind of an about from the late 2021 Netflix series:

Yoko Kanno + The Music of Cowboy Bebop | Netflix

A must see in my opinion. Pure beauty through and through. And nothing beats some cool, or rather hot hard bop. Enjoy.

More? Here you go… and here are some more… love the girl and the dog 😉 And these two were particularly amazing:

What a band. And what a composer. Chapeau!

For the original motion picture soundtrack, look and listen here.

In Time – Wikiloops track #168792 (but with some BBC images and footage)

Can’t make this public on YT due to negotiations with the BBC – but I can still use it on my private blog as they confirmed…

…so thanks go out to Dr.Whom for his awesome composition, to Shi for the lyrics and for her sweet vocals, and to the BBC Cymru for providing us with such great shows.

The video mainly shows my desktop with the free and open source Ardour DAW (digital audio workstation) running, but also provides some images and videos by the BBC:

In Time – Wikiloops track #168792 (but with some BBC images and footage)

Original audio is on Wikiloops. Enjoy, and thanks for reading, and for listening and viewing.

(Another four and a half billion years, as “Clara” says here, and I will still love this song. “Love is eternal”, as Shi sings…) 🙂 <3