I remember this track as one of my favourites from ‘Koyaanisqatsi’, heard it again yesterday on “Stranger Things” 407 (for the complete sountrack infos, see here):

PHILIP GLASS – Prophecies

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I make an exception for this one…

Normally I don’t like the terms “competition” and “art” when used together – but this one is very artistic indeed:

Salut Salon “Wettstreit zu viert” | “Competitive Foursome”

Awesome, all of them. And as always, thanks for viewing. This was found and posted by Hartmut in Wikiloops. Thanks for sharing it, my friend 🙂

Rick Beato on two very different things…

Just saw Rick Beato’s take on “Running Up That Hill”, the famous Kate Bush song which was/is becoming even more popular today due to a Netflix series called “Stranger Things”. Just like Rick, I didn’t watch it except that I saw the beginnings of “Stranger Things”, but found their latest season to be only loud, and not to my taste at all¹. But sales numbers for Kate Bush’s song went through the roof because of it, and that’s a good thing as both the song and the artist are simply beautiful. I’m a bit older than Rick and was around 21 when she came out, and who wasn’t in love with “Cathy” (singing to Heathcliff)? Listen to his very nice analysis of Kate’s song:

Kate Bush & Stranger Things Just Made the Impossible Happen

His second video which I saw almost immediately afterwards is something completely different. This time unlike for Kate Bush I had to even look up the artist (Halsey) he’s talking about – never up to now heard anything from her because I’m not following any charts at all (she seems to be active since around ten years only, and radio is really bad since longer than that). But his video is important nonetheless because it clearly shows everything that’s wrong with music as a business these days. Shook my head in disbelief:

Halsey’s Attack on TikTok Culture (Rant)

How good that I’m not in that business, that’s what Rick also said. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Oh, and as kind of a P.S.: kids, don’t use or even install TikTok

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¹I *am* currently watching it, and may revise my quick first judgement. In case anyone is interested, I’ll let you know…

Everybody owns a Jazz Snare…

Have a listen to this, from 25 years ago:

Superbass: Two for the Blues (1997)

The bassists are, from left to right: John Goldsby, Christian McBride, Ray Brown, and John Clayton, four real superstars on bass. Note that John Goldsby (who plays the first and longest solo) was the student of John Clayton and Ray Brown, and John Clayton was also Ray Brown’s student. I don’t know that much about Christian McBride, but he’s also a monster player, no questions there…

Edit: just read that all three “other” bass players were students of Ray Brown who invented the group “SuperBass”. See Wikipedia.

Also note that John Riley plays on a Telephone book from the city of Cologne, Germany. And bravo to Carmen Bradford on vocals as well, what a lovely performance 🙂 Proves again how well a human voice goes together with upright bass, a fact that Ray Brown knew very well – he was married to Ella Fitzgerald…

Found via Bonedo who in turn got it from No Treble.

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