Youtube is messing around with ad-blockers again

Time to consider some alternatives, isn’t it? Have a look:

Here’s an example of some cool music which you also can find on federated networks (another Peertube instance):

Even if all you want is to host some audio content, there’s for instance Funkwhale which was shown in the first of these two videos. Have a look at them.

I’m really considering of moving all my Youtube stuff over to Peertube, so that viewers don’t have to watch ads which I cannot prevent. Time to stop all of this nonsense.

Like always, thanks for reading and viewing.

I wasn’t prepared for this…

… stumbled upon a Tiny Desk Concert lately which was nice, but then I started looking at more of NPR’s content, and found this. As commenter @___sabr said:

“What real musicians sound like. No pre-recorded, No Producer tricks. Straight and uncut talent. 🔊🎶🎵🎸🎹(Harlem is listening 👂🏾 🎧)”


… and I really wasn’t prepared for that last one… enjoy.

Nothing to Hide

If you’re reading this blog regularly, you might have asked yourselves why all the thoughts about security, privacy, freedom, and so on lately? And you might be one of those who say “I have nothing to hide”. Well…

This one is a must see. It helps if you understand English, French, and German at least a bit, but even if you don’t, watch it to the end:

This comes from the PeerTube, and it promotes those free and decentralised services, and for good reason as you will hear. So please do yourself and us all a favour and stop using Facebook, Whatsapp, and all of that – and replace it with something like Signal or even better, XMPP. We will all profit from it.

Oh, and in case you have an old Android phone which isn’t supported with regular updates anymore, try DivestOS. And if you have a new one from Google, try GrapheneOS (or else, DivestOS again). Sure you can’t live without that intrusive Play Store? Have a look at F-Droid instead. Or are you using Apple instead? Maybe think again… and please start encrypting. You can at least do that even if you stay with a standard Google or Samsung or Apple device.

As always, thanks for reading, and for viewing.

Congrats Michael!

Congratulations go out to Michael Dunlop who scored his 24th TT win in the Supertwin class yesterday, which makes him the second-best rider on this track after his uncle Joey (with 26 wins).

After Michael first won this year’s Supersport (600cc) class on a Yamaha, and the Superbike (1000cc) class on his Honda, he won this one on a Paton S1-R, a brand which I hadn’t heard of before. But they seem to be popular and fast, and as you can see you can win races with them. So here’s the makers’ site about the Italian bike, and here’s a bit of an onboard video on one, from about 4 years ago:

Riding the Paton S1-R on the Isle of Man TT mountain course + walk around

And here is how a real legend does it, on the same motorcycle. They say you’ll need 3 years to learn the track, and just watching and listening to this one with John McGuiness makes you believe that:

Milky Quayle’s TT Lap Guide with John Mcguiness

Much better to learn on a 2-cylinder “classic” than on a warp-speed superbike, isn’t it?

Like always, thanks for reading, and for viewing.

First fatality at this year’s TT

Sad news from the Isle of Man: yesterday Spanish rider Raul Torras Martinez, 46, died after an accident in the Supertwin race. Spoken obituary and other coverage here:

Daily Round Up – Day 9 | 2023 Isle of Man TT Races

One of the written ones with a bit more info is here. RIP Raul, and condolences to your family.