Have you heard Lauren Pierce already?

I recently stumbled over a video in notreble, where one of the commenters said that she’s a rock star. Always eager to hear fellow bass players, I had to have a listen of course. And later I played it to Zuleikha & Mitchie on the TV set as well:

Sarasate – Zigeunerweisen for Double Bass and String Orchestra (arr. Lauren Pierce)

Impressive, hm? Here’s the original, played on the violin by the composer himself:

Sarasate Plays Sarasate Zigeunerweisen

So nice…

A Film About Kids And Music (English Subtitles)

Someone has uploaded Joan Chamorro’s and Roman Tort’s award-winning documentary on Youtube, including English subtitles (which you’ll have to allow in the Youtube player to see them):


I have reported about it before because it’s awesome, and I’ve bought it. And I’d recommend to do the same in case you like it, and can afford it – a project like this is just worth being “sponsored” a bit even if only with the price of a DVD. Find their stuff at the projects’s page or at the big shops like Amazon if you like.

Enjoy. I still love that movie.

Meet John Goldsby

Just a short blog note before I have to start work – and just because I was talking about John to my brother yesterday, and to a colleague today. So here’s a short portrait, an interview, and a free lesson as well as a link to a book John wrote:

John Goldsby Interview with Discover Double Bass
Killer Joe – Walking Bass Etude. Lesson by John Goldsby

And his book “Jazz Bass Book: Technique and Tradition” is on my personal wishlist, it’s also mentioned in the interview above.

Enjoy. And thanks for visiting.

One from Snarky, and some from Cologne

And together they make my video of the day:

Bill Laurance feat. by WDR BIG BAND – RED SAND | Rehearsal

I like that piece from Bill anyway, also in his very good recording with Snarky Puppy and some guests (like strings). But the WDR Big Band is in my opinion one of the best in the world, and always worth a listen. Thanks for publishing this, guys!

Edit: … and here’s another one from that fabulous Big Band, with Lucy Woodward. Enjoy…

Lucy Woodward feat. by WDR BIG BAND: Money | PURE SOUNDS

That old line from Roger Waters (“the root of all evil”) just made my day… and so did the performers who are all awesome.

Ibrahim, Oum, and why our music has 12 shades of grey

Here’s Christian McBride for Jazz Night in America about Ibrahim Maalouf:

It’s much more than the idea of “quarter tones” between our normal half ones. Here is composer David Bruce explaining it better than I could:

So there’s a world way beyond anything we’re used to – and it’s beautiful, and full of colours.

Thanks for viewing.

Lucy & Snarky

What a powerful combination – Lucy goes all Jessica Rabbit, and Justin just kills it on the organ:


About a mixing legend, and kisses on the bottom

I’m currently watching an interview of Al Schmitt through Warren Huart on Youtube, which is so nice.

Al is a legend of a recording engineer, and he recorded and mixed them all, his story is totally worth the time even if you’re not a technical person or interested in how music is produced – the list of artists alone, and what he says about them is so remarkable.

He mentioned that he recorded Sir Paul McCartney’s “Kisses on the bottom” album which is in my opinion a super classy jazz album through and through – the title track alone leaves no doubt as soon as you hear that double bass on it.

But I wanted to show you another example of Paul (and this is also for my brother who likes Mrs. Krall) and orchestra, recorded and mixed by Al Schmitt, and later put into an official video with two others. First, Sir Paul:

Sir Paul McCartney – My Valentine (Live Kisses) ~ 1080p HD

Then, the awesome official video:

Paul McCartney’s ‘My Valentine’ Featuring Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp

So nice. I love seeing and hearing pros at work ­čÖé And Al Schmitt’s book is on my Amazon wishlist, even if I won’t ever sit in front of a 72 track SSL console or put 200+ tracks into ProTools…

Thanks for reading & viewing.

My trip to the Wikiloops member meeting in Steinfeld, 2017 by navota Krull

Wikiloops member and fellow musician sister navota Krull has made a nice video documentation about her 2017 trip to the Wikiloops members’ meeting in Steinfeld.

I’ve met her and some of the musicians you’ll see here in 2018, and I sure hope to see her and lots of other Wikiloops friends again there this year – so much looking forward to this.

My trip to the Wikiloops member meeting in Steinfeld bynavota Krull

Thanks for that nice documentation to our NAF (Native American Flute) playing sister!

The Basics of Recording Audio for Digital Video

This is a good video, explaining what the title says – the basics, and why they’re important:

The Basics of Recording Audio for Digital Video

So if you’re into making videos using your cameras (and maybe even microphones), watch this – recommended stuff.