Two good ones from Andy Borowitz

Trump Strips Citizenship from Children of Immigrants, Thus Disqualifying Himself from Presidency and Americans Would Feel Safer If a Huge Caravan of Angry White Men Left the Country The New Yorker is only one of many very good publications from Condé Nast. Enjoy.

Good articles in German, and Freak Shows

I’ve read some remarkable articles in the German (online-version) magazine “Die Zeit” recently. One of them was “Das rote Sommermärchen”, and it’s about Sahra Wagenknecht’s new “Aufstehen” movement, which is some kind of a think tank for us lefties if you so wish. Interesting, and if you understand German, it’s a recommended reading. Another article, […]

The non-word of 2017

And the “winner” goes to… “alternative facts” (which might be copyrighted by Kellyanne Conway, who knows). See here (in German), here (in English), and here (in other news). Let me use a short quote of the English Wikipedia article about something else related to truths: “The phrase “alternative facts” was claimed to be similar to […]

Bravo, Anastasia!

Look at this article in the British Journal of Photography, which reports about young photographer Anastasia Taylor-Lind doing some portraits of dignity in the crimes committed against the Rohingya. Thanks also to Human Rights Watch, and Peter Bouckaert for publishing reports and photos like these. Other than the pope, we can report about this. We […]

The fire and the fury? Wait…

Lately someone wrote a book with that title. It’s about a sad (and bad) joke figure playing a president of a whole nation. But “the fire and the fury” reminds me of the devil in Tom Waits’ “Way down in the hole” (which is where we should keep him). Listen: Funny that “The Wire”, where […]

Auf Deutsch: Interview mit Sahra Wagenknecht

Ich fand ein sehr lesenswertes Interview, welches telepolis (Heise Verlag) mit Sahra Wagenknecht anläßlich ihres neuen Buches “Reichtum ohne Gier” führte. Es ist sogar interessant für Fotografen – als gutes Gegenbeispiel zu AGs wird unter anderem die Carl Zeiss Stiftung genannt. Copyright des verwendeten Bildes: konnte ich leider nicht finden; wahrscheinlich aber campus Verlag. Gefunden […]

About refugees

I can hardly listen to the daily news anymore. Topic #1 of last year was the debt of Greece, then later the same year and up to now the complete 2016 and without foreseeable end it’s about refugees. First, the facts. Scroll down these pages if you live outside Europe, and haven’t heard much about […]