Sunday morning visitor

We sometimes have other cats visiting us, and until recently Tuna was always showing them that they’re not welcomed around here. So those visits are rare, but some three or four different cats turn up once in a while.

This one is a bit shy (or still afraid of Tuna?), and usually gone as soon as we open the veranda door – so I took a zoom lens to take some photos through the closed door. Changed in post: set the camera’s white balance to “cloudy”, added a touch “clarity” and removed a touch of “haze”.

This one treads lightly:


As always, thanks for viewing and for reading.

P.S.: We have several cats visiting us as I mentioned above, and one day after this one came, a white one with grey patches (Zuleikha named her ‘Milka’ already) was here – and she even came in, and checked the whole flat. I’m sure that she could still smell traces of our Tuna, but no cat toilet, so the place seemed safe…

… and then there’s a tomcat whom Mitchie calls ‘George’, a tabby like Tuna, but he didn’t show up since a while, same as the Maine Coon one (one of two, we know the ‘owners’) which I had seen before sometimes.

Mouse population is growing with our chief mouser’s absence, so happy hunting to all neighbours’ cats…