Walking Blues featuring Keb’ Mo’ | Playing For Change | Song Around The World

I haven’t reported about the ‘Playing For Change‘ Foundation and movement since a while. But today this came up in my Youtube stream:

Walking Blues featuring Keb’ Mo’ | Playing For Change | Song Around The World

As you can see, it’s a jamming collaboration project very much like Wikiloops, with the difference that at PFC it’s mostly well-known song covers, like a Blues from the 1930s in this case – while at Wikiloops we only allow original material due to legal & copyright matters.

I have colleagues who like this, but have never heard (except from me) about Wikiloops. On the Wikiloops Youtube channel we have a playlist of 5 member collaborations from 2018 (one of them including me), and these caused a lot of video editing and cutting work for Richard.

But some members have their own channels, and do their own video creations, edits, and uploads – and maybe we should do more in that direction – so I’m considering filming myself more often when playing the bass, like some of us do. And if all contributors of a song would do that, then we’d have something like PFC as well – with the difference that we make up and play own stuff.

Food for thought, as prof. Joseph Beuys would have called it…

Thanks for reading, and viewing/listening.

Edit: here is one such video made by a small subgroup of Wikiloops members, not by the whole project. Still nice, and very professional editing here:

“HALF THE TIME” – OFFICIAL VIDEO by Ettore Poggipollini feat Andrea Zey

Again, thanks for viewing, and for listening.

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    1. Yes Robert, these guys are good. Doing that project since over 10 years, mostly with street musicians. I think this was one of their first ones, poor guy is dead already by now:


      And they have some very prominent people joining in some of their jams, like Ziggy Marley, Bono, and so on. Until nw I’ve only heard covers, but as I wrote above I didn’t follow very closely during the last years.

      Many thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

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