A photo of Tuna from today (March 21st, 2019)

Switched on two of my studio strobes and took my camera out, then I got down on eye level as usual:

Tuna the cat, Moerfelden-Walldorf 2019

Taken with the “kit zoom” at 31mm, but cropped a little more during post production. Midtoned as usual.

Thanks for viewing.

2 Replies to “A photo of Tuna from today (March 21st, 2019)”

  1. I am glad your happy with your new camera.
    It was some months ago that i read about your camera went bad.
    Since then I tried to remember where I read about similar olympus camera being “beyond service life”, and wondered if that will affect your situation.
    Finally, I stepped over it today. Here is the link: http://dd-b.net/ddbcms/2017/09/annoying-aspects-of-modernity/
    While i feel happy about the outcome of your problem, it doesn’t make me less worried about the assumption(?) that olympus (and maybe others) don’t stock sufficient replacement parts for cameras anymore…

    1. Hello Nestor,

      thanks for dropping by and for commenting again – and also thanks for that other link.

      In my case it was so that Olympus themselves needed a part made by third party vendors, and couldn’t get that anymore – that’s why they offered me the successor of my camera (for the same repair price) instead, which is fair IMO. And I’m sure that Olympus is thinking about the same things as we are now, maybe telling their suppliers to stock for a bit longer. Not D700 or Leica M3 long maybe, but still…

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