End of December, short before midnight

I was reading Kirk Tuck’s “most fun camera purchase” article about his Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mk2, and decided to go out for a short walk with my E-M10 (first version, not Mk2). And since I also read his article about a Nikkor 28mm lens lately, I decided to bring only my Pansonic Lumix 14mm, which gives a similar angle of view on a Micro Four Thirds camera. And with that combination and out short before midnight, I took this one:


End of December, short before midnight

Just a shot from a store across the street, and across its empty parking lot. And for me, it’s the E-M10 which fills the role of “fun”, and it’s also all the camera I probably need – I’m no pro like Kirk, so that one and my 14, 25, and 45mm lenses are what I currently consider as “my camera”.

Technical info: ISO 100, f/5, 50 seconds from tripod. You can always click on the image to get to Flickr and check Exif data or to see or download it in full resolution if you like.

Thanks for reading.