It’s all about Jazz

“Music is life and death. A life without music is meaningless. It’s very important because it can carry you through your life, in good and bad times” — Ulf Wakenius

Here. Don’t wanna lose that link myself… or this one

Probably the best gig they did together was in Vienne. Awesome.

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  1. Thanks to you I’ve listened to Youn Sun Nah “Lento” and Ulf Wakenius “Momento Magico”. Really great music. Especially a great performance on Lento CD – ‘Momento Magico’ track. Also great is ‘Hindustal Blues’ performed by Ulf.

    1. Yes, I love “Momento Magico”, which Ulf wrote for Youn. And they’re all good, I also like Vincent Peirani a lot. Thanks for your comment, colleague.

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