Of men and mice (or: the statues of Gross-Gerau)

Today we went to Groß-Gerau, the small capital of our district. While walking around town, I took some photos of the statues which they put up there:


Statues in Gross-Gerau








There’s at least one missing here, of a guy lighting a lantern. It wasn’t easy to take his portrait or a photo of the whole statue because of the constant traffic around that corner of the street.

I’ve decided that I like these. A lot. Why? Because these aren’t the usual statues of your local celebrities, but some of hard working people, a woman who could be going to the market place together with her daughter, or even people who are just experiencing a bit of bad luck (the boy). Ça c’est la vie, n’est-ce pas? And these were people friendly enough to even give a small piece of cheese to a mouse (or three), instead of fighting them. Those were the times…

It’s good to know that some of the people who rule us seem to have a sense of humor as well. Makes one almost proud and thankful to live right here.

Thanks for reading.