Plants, in- and outside the office

Today I saw a nice article and some great photography by Thomas Stirr. He sometimes takes photos of flowers with telephoto lenses, so I thought: “why not?”, and mounted my 40-150mm lens onto my “Pen” camera. Then, during lunch break only, I looked around and took these:


A plant inside the office


A plant outside the office

Of course these can’t compete with what Thomas shows. But since I had less than an hour for that lunch break, and tho the first one isn’t “critically” sharp (it’s hand-held with 1/13 of a second with an equivalent of 300mm at ISO 5000), it’s a beginning. Should do this more often, like Mitchie (my wife) also does.

Inspirational article, and if you like flower and nature photography, he’s well worth a look.

Thanks for viewing.