A week with the 14mm lens

I want to further explore how to take wide angle photos, something I’m not really good at. So I mounted my 14mm lens onto the camera at the beginning of the week, and never took it off until now. I didn’t get any breathtaking or world changing photos until now, but at least I experimented a bit with it, like shooting straight into the sun, using high ISO settings, or trying to fill the frame with the 88 keys of Zuleikha’s piano. So here are some from the week which ends soon:


Celltower silhouette at noon. 3 stops under-exposed.


Thirty perfumed candles, stacked up in perfect squares by Zuleikha. ISO 5000, no noise reduction.


88. +1EV exposure compensation, lit by a 6W LED reading light turned away from it. Turned back half a stop in post.


The creek


The land where trees have numbers

Thanks for viewing.