The best value in (Micro) Four Thirds?

Kirk Tuck, well-known Austin-based professional photographer lately wrote on his Visual Science Lab blog about the Olympus 40-150mm/4-5.6 zoom lens. He has the Micro Four Thirds version, and as I commented on his blog, both Mitchie and me have the older Four Thirds version, which we still can use with an Olympus or third party adapter, even with autofocus.

These small and inexpensive tele zoom lenses are marvels. Total gems within the system. Consider this:


Sunrise in a garden

You can click on the picture to get it on Flickr, even in the original resolution. This was taken at 76mm with the aperture fully open – and the picture was not sharpened. It’s pretty much like it came out of the camera.

If you shop around, you can get these (or the Micro Four Thirds version which should focus a little faster) for around 150 Euro or Dollars. And if you plan to get into the Micro Four Thirds system, definitely consider getting a double zoom kit which has this lens as well. It’s really good as you see, so for the price it’s a steal.

Highly recommended. And no, I’ll get nothing for doing so.

Thanks for reading.

One photo of me, two of the cat

Yesterday, Zuleikha took my picture, using my camera, lens, and studio strobe with a beauty dish attached:


And today, I took some of Tuna. Here’s one with a bounced studio strobe, and another one from outside:



All taken with the Olympus Micro Zuiko 45mm/1.8 lens, at apertures from f/2 to f/7.1. At the moment, and for living and breathing subjects, it’s by far my most used lens.

Thanks for viewing.

Pictures from an exhibition

Well – the title is slightly misleading. Firstly, yesterday’s event was way more than just an exhibition, and it also has nothing to do with Emerson, Lake & Palmer (or Mussorgsky for that matter, and that is why I didn’t call it pictures *of* an exhibition). So here are a few photos from “Home is where…”:




Huge prints


Huge camera


Goj T-A-TR

And while speaking the keynote (or the laudatio), Markus took my picture as well, and he kindly allowed me to show it here:


_DSC1679 ©Markus Kuhn

See lots of more photos in Markus’ Flickr album. Or go there if you want to see those photos yourself – those prints are really impressive, and they will stay there for the next two weeks.

Thanks for viewing.

A visit from Mélanie

Today Mélanie came over to visit us. She was one of the other two photographers with whom I met on January 18th in Mainz for an outdoor photo walk together with Meike, Rhia, and Jana.

After having some cake, we started to play around with my lights, so Mélanie took some photos of me, and I took some of her – with both her camera and mine.

From the ones out of my camera I selected nine, and it’s hard to narrow them down further – even Mitchie wasn’t able to select just a few out of these. So I decided to upload all nine to Flickr, and to let Mélanie see if she likes or even can use any of them:










I cropped the first one into a 5:4 format, but the rest are as good as out of camera. Not cropped and definitely not retouched.

To see more of Mélanie, and to have a look at her own art, please consider viewing her page on Facebook.

Merçi Mélanie – it was great to have you here. Cannot wait to repeat this.

Thanks for viewing.

I was photographed…

_DSC4893_camera raw

Me, photographed by Markus Kuhn

… taking a photograph:


Meike on the Rhine river in Mainz, shot by me. Simulated Ilford FP4+ film with an orange filter.

As you probably remember, I was invited to a shooting with friends in Mainz mid January. And the two other photographers were Mélanie and Markus.

The photo of me shooting Meike was taken by Markus, and he has some more awesome photos, some of which he kindly allowed me to show here:

_DSC4854_camera raw

Jana, photographed by Markus

_DSC4883_camera raw

Rhia, photographed by Markus

Markus has made two albums on Flickr – see his sets one and two for more great examples. I have ‘favorited’ several of these, and I can hardly wait to see some which Mélanie took.

It was a fun day, really. And it should be repeated as soon as possible.

Friends shooting friends

From a short (ca. 4 hours) photowalk with friends, yesterday in Mainz:


Meike & Rhia, January 2015


Looking through her hair…


Cigarette break


Rhia, profile, January 2015


Meike, profile, January 2015


Mélanie & Markus reviewing photos, January 2015


The fading sun in her eyes…


On the bridge




Jana, January 2015

Full size photos on Flickr if you click on them, as always.

Thanks for viewing.

What I’m reading right now

I was finally able to get the paperback version of Kirk Tuck’s first novel, called “The Lisbon Portfolio“:


The Lisbon Portfolio

I’m only some 50 pages in right now, but it seems to be a fun read. Espionage / suspense thriller, and for photographers I consider this a good one already. And now you have to excuse me – can’t wait to finish Kirk’s book…

Thanks for viewing.

P.S. (Update, from Tuesday, Oct. 14th, 2014):

I’ve finished it. Yesterday evening or rather this morning at 3 minutes past 12 (midnight). Just couldn’t stop.

And it’s a real nice book. Fits right in the list of spy fiction authors, and people like Jeffery Deaver, James Patterson, or the Kellermans (Jonathan and his wife Faye) come to mind. And while as a first it’s not as polished and perfect as these, it’s fresh instead.

If you know Kirk’s Blog and have seen some of his photos, you’ll admire how he describes the ‘making of’ of some of them.

This is no book review, so I’ll stop here. But I really recommended it to Mitchie already, since our bookshelf is full of the authors mentioned above, so I think she’ll love it as I did.

So this is really recommended, especially to photographers, but also to fans of the modern espionage thriller genre.

A photo, not taken by me

Normally I rarely show photos here which I didn’t take myself. But here’s one I found at work:

IBM Debuts Analytics for Everyone

IBM Debuts Analytics for Everyone, by ibmphoto24 on Flickr

The photo shows IBMs next big thing, called Watson Analytics. And the slightly blurred colleague who holds the tablet PC is actually IBMs youngest Vice President (of IBM Big Data and Analytics, and since I’m working in Business Intelligence and in the IBM Software Group like her, she’s actually one of my highest bosses), Mrs. Inhi Cho Suh.

It’s an impressive technology, and if you want to know more about it, just visit IBM. I’m just showing it here because I also think that this is a nice photo.

Thanks for viewing.