Still making music, still using film

I’m still trying to figure out what kind of bass lines I can contribute to Al’s latest piece; my first trials were a bit sobering. Not as easy as I thought it would be. Anyway; there is no deadline, and so I can take my time to think and try, and to come up with something nice for him.

Regarding photography: I wrote already that I’d put that old film into my camera, and since the beginning of this year I also took almost no photos of lifeless products – except two (or now, three). Once I photographed my bass guitar with the film camera, and today I took a photo of that film camera with my digital one, in the company. And when looking at that photo on my computer at home, I thought that I could do that better. So here’s my try from today:


Olympus OM-2N with two lenses, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2018

So I’m still using that film camera (I’m at exposure #21 I think), and I use it only for living subjects. Humans, cats, at least plants. But sometimes, just like above, a product photo is needed as well.

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Preparing the next (musical) collab

I just put one of Al’s (jonetsu; nominal6) latest pieces into my Ardour multitrack recording software – looks like this:

Screenshot from 2018-01-19 20-48-48 - the next collab

Al asked me to play some bass onto that, after I suggested more collaborations. I will link to the final version or embed it here when it’s done.

I love this at least as much as photography. And who knows, maybe we’ll put up some musical collection which could then be used again for videos or whatever? We’ll see.

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R.I.P. Dolores

It’s with great sadness that we’ve heard about the passing of Cranberries’ singer Dolores O’Riordan during yesterdays news. Aged only 46, it was way too early for her, and Ireland has lost one of its greatest. Here’s her ‘Zombie’:

The fire and the fury? Wait…

Lately someone wrote a book with that title. It’s about a sad (and bad) joke figure playing a president of a whole nation. But “the fire and the fury” reminds me of the devil in Tom Waits’ “Way down in the hole” (which is where we should keep him). Listen:

Funny that “The Wire”, where this is played as the title melody, is the favourite TV series of some former president named Barack Obama…

“The Lord is a very very busy man…”

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Week 48 – and half of 49 – in pictures

I haven’t written anything since over a week. And I also didn’t take many photos, partly because my colleague Arno is off for his holiday, partly because the weather didn’t play nice at times, and I haven’t been out that much during my lunch breaks.

But apart from the usual cat photos, there were some opportunities, like a pre-Christmas concert from Zuleikha and some of her schoolmates. So let me show you some here:


Don’t stop!



Power lines, a chimney, and clouds

Me at work, lit by my monitor

Me at work, lit by my monitor

The next ones don’t have titles. They’re all titled “Vorweihnachtliches Konzert der Prälat-Diehl-Schule”













Then I took some high ISO images, with the maximum ISO set to 6400 (and the camera did make use of that at times)…


And all of a sudden, we had some first snow:


The making of… a snow cat





“Your new Mützenständer!” – that is what Zuleikha said to Mitchie when she saw her mum’s cap on my bass guitar…

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That “full frame” look, and closed headphones

Yesterday I found a cat photographer on the Flickr blog, here. And it’s interesting to see that an (now considered old) Canon 6D is enough to get that “full frame” look – especially when using macro lenses or something like a 85mm/1.8.

Andrew Reid from EOSHD tho praises the new Nikon D850 – the best quality you’ll get if you need the best and have the money.

And the German-speaking “Sound & Recording” online magazine tested the Yamaha HPH-MT8 closed studio headphones, which seems to be an alternative to the Audio-Technica ATH-M50. Interesting; next time I’ll be in Cologne in the Music Store I’ll have to listen to both of them.

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Strong, and very powerful

One of the best projects I have found until now is PlayingForChange (.com and their video channel).

It all started with this:

But there’s more, like:

Or like this:

P.S.: of course, the last two of these strongly remind me of Bob Marley’s groundbreaking live album “Babylon by Bus” from 1978:

What a good time that was.


R.I.P. Walter

Walter Becker, thanks for everything.

Walter Becker, with bass red

And this – this is the most talk I’ve ever heard from him. It’s called “The Making of Aja”, and it has Japanese subtitles:

You are missed, Walter. But still, rest in peace.

Walter Becker, Feb. 20 1950 — Sept. 03 2017

Edit: Just found this – and I think Walter would have laughed about it like I did: