All systems back to normal

It’s the middle of the third week after returning from Malaysia. Which means that I’m at work again since two and a half weeks, and it’s also the last week of school holidays in our area. Then everything will be back to normal, and our daily routines will have us back.

Tuna the cat was fed very well by a professional cat sitter, but still she enjoys that we’re back, and that she’s allowed to go out again. Here she is on the veranda:


At work, our department has moved shortly before my holidays. We stayed within the same building, but went from 2nd level street side to 3rd level backyard, so we’re now directly under our flat roof garden, the uppermost row of windows in the following photo:


Today I received the final approval for a new notebook, so soon I’ll get a Lenovo P50, hopefully with (IBM’s “Open Client”) Linux pre-installed. And if not, then I’ll install it. The machine has enough RAM to run the occasional Windows 7 and/or 10 within a virtualized environment, either VirtualBox like the one I use here, or KVM-based, like I also use it on my old laptop at work. We’ll see.

Zuleikha will go to 7th class beginning next week, and she chose her first courses and classes, like “Brass & Co”. I’ve heard that school band before our holidays, and they rock (and swing) – almost as good as the big band. It’s a good school, especially if you’re into music.

She also selected her 3rd language (after German and English which are obligatory) – and that is Latin. Should be fun; you also learn a lot of history, and even better German if you do that.

My dad had his 83rd birthday on the 13th, our sister-in-law had her birthday on Monday, and tomorrow it’s my sister’s turn – so congrats to everyone.

Things to do: make some prints and photo books from Malaysia, and send them to relatives as well. And finally, last but not least: get in contact with some friends again, and listen to their stories.

We have a bit of a heat wave at the moment, so I enjoy these probably last really warm days of late summer.

Anyway, thanks for your interest, and as always, thanks for reading and viewing.