Anne sings “My cat likes walks”

Got a wonderful remix on the ‘loops lately. Hear Lady Anne singing the Blues on a track from Don_T, peatric, and myself:

This track is embedded with the friendly permission by the creatives on

Thanks dear Anne – and thanks to everyone for listening.

Now running…

  • GrapheneOS on the Google Pixel 6a mobile phone
  • DivestOS Mobile on the Google Pixel 3a mobile phone
  • Debian on my self-built desktop computer (for “work”)
  • Arch Linux on my self-built desktop computer (for “fun”, or to see the newest stuff)

Looks like this:

DivestOS Mobile
Arch Linux

Oh, and of course I’m also running the latest jams on the Wikiloops radio. You can participate in these if you like, why not give it a try?

Like always, thanks for viewing, reading, listening, and all that πŸ™‚ Happy holidays πŸ™‚

Update, from Wed Dec 20th, 2023:

According to the German security expert Mike Kuketz, GrapheneOS is the gold standard of all Android operating systems. His article is in German, only the parts where he cites Daniel Micay, founder and lead developer of GrapheneOS are in English.

Privacy Guides has the same opinion and recommendation. See also at Eylenburg’s comparison. And at AndroidAuthority. And maybe the best one at PrivSec.

Be aware tho that in case you reject all Google services and apps, you’ll also lose some of their “AI” and capabilities. Your choice. In that case, user profiles might help – one owner profile without, and a user profile with Google services (still sandboxed in GrapheneOS). And thanks again for reading.

One of my favourites

Olivia (OKO) posted this on Soundcloud a while ago, just found it there. We have so many good bass players on Wikiloops, so I feel quite honoured that she chose the version with me on my upright bass:

Pieces by OKO and frineds, lyrics by Eyeless, also on Wikiloops where it originated

Thanks Olivia and friends, what a pleasure to jam with you all πŸ™‚ <3

The Herring King Band – Second Album

Yesterday the second album from the Herring King Band was released:

I had the great honour and pleasure to play my bass on some of the tracks, but all others are so great – if you like to hear Herbie’s story, please head over to the album page on Wikiloops to hear and/or download it πŸ™‚

Thanks to my friends for inviting me, I’m humbled by all of *your* performances!

And thanks to you for reading, and for listening, or even downloading.

P.S.: the band also asked to send out their Christmas greetings – so here you go:

Merry Christmas, on behalf of the Mermaid, all Herrings, and their King πŸ™‚

Some two years ago: Pieces – Oliv’s mix, remastered

Just pointed an interested musician to a song which I accompanied in August of 2020. In retrospect, I should have pointed her to Monsieur OliVBee’s remix which sounded much better than mine, and which I later “remastered” for an album like this:
Pieces – Oliv’s mix, remastered

I recorded this some 11 days after buying my used Christopher DB202T upright bass, here’s a photo of it, also from Wikiloops:

At the time when I recorded this, that instrument had Presto Nylonwould Ultralight strings which are very nice Nylon-based strings – they sound great but aren’t the best for bowing, so I later replaced them with Thomastik Spirocore Weich strings.

Time to pick up that big bass fiddle again, and to play some more tunes… πŸ™‚

Like always, thanks for reading, viewing, and/or listening.

Looking at / listening to Ardour 7.1 on Windows

Today I’ve been looking at & listening to the new Ardour 7.1 free and open source software DAW on Windows 11. Looks and sounds awesome:
Ardour 7.1 on Windows 11, MΓΆrfelden-Walldorf 2022

The music you see within that program is from Dan and Chris, you can listen to that one on Wikiloops if you’d like to. The program seems to work fine, so next step is to also install it on Linux πŸ™‚

And like always, thanks for viewing, listening, and reading.

Sad news indeed…

Terrible to read about the passing of Don T., one of the bluesiest guys I’ve ever heard on Wikiloops… he was a good friend and once even wrote a song for me. I had the honour and pleasure to play on his latest song in the ‘loops and asked him with a PM whether he would also consider to sing on it, no answers so I was thinking of him. So here you have it with a lead guitar from Carlo instead of Don singing:

This track is embedded with the friendly permission by the creatives on

Condolences to Don’s family, he truly was a wonderful guy! Rest in peace my friend…

Deep Dark Blue is album of the day again on Wikiloops

My friend and fellow musician OliVBee from Wikiloops made an exceptional album in 2017, that was before I even had joined the ‘loops. He called that album after one of the songs’ titles, Deep Dark Blue, and I had written about and reviewed it some 3 years ago already. It’s one of the best albums I’ve ever heard *anywhere*, and this one is available only at the ‘loops:

Deep Dark Blue by OliVBee

You can listen to it on Wikiloops in its entirety. If you’re a member in Wikiloops you can also download it including a cover, so you could burn this onto a CD if you like. You can do the same as a non-member of the ‘loops if you get what we call a download ticket, starting at 2,40€ like here (you’ll get this when pressing the download button on the album’s page):

Wikiloops download passes

I *am* a (paying) member, and I’ve still also paid for some of these albums, because they’re worth it, and because that way, we support ourselves with keeping that platform alive and running. This is especially important since these days of Corona, and because not everyone can go out and meet other musicians (and not from around the globe as here). So if you can, go and pay for an album or two of your choice, that would help us all – thanks.

Being at it, I’ve cleaned up the home screen of my phone yesterday, and this is how it looks now:

My phone’s home screen

And I don’t know if you can see it in that image, but I’ve replaced the standard Chrome browser button with one of Firefox, which leads directly to the Wikiloops start page:

Wikiloops in Firefox

Even if not that many people see my phone’s home screen, I’m still putting an ad for Wikiloops proudly in the middle of its screen. This is to say thanks to my friends and to Richard, the founder of the ‘loops.

And before I forget it: thanks also to Anne, and to all of the other wonderful musicians on Oliv’s great album! Last not least, this album is also a master class for us bass players… *and* with top pro drummers to boot! πŸ™‚ Did I mention that I love that fretless guitar which Oliv is playing?

As always, thanks for reading (and probably for listening or even supporting us).