My album of the month, May 2019

I’m late to the party, I know, and that’s because I’m still relatively new in Wikiloops. But when I listened to a track on an album there lately and started to congratulate all participating musicians for their work, one of them – my friend Monsieur OliVBee from Paris, France, told me that he had the same track on an album of his, and pointed me to it.

And wow, what a discovery that was! First, he has Shi on all of his tracks of that album. Second, he has bass players who are really good – and so are all other musicians as well. I knew some of his tracks because I had used his template(s) (and Shi’s remixes) as well for my own albums, but still, OliVBee’s “Raspberry Charm” album is sooo good. I even like its cover:

Raspberry Charm by OliVBee

So when I asked Oliv about the cover picture, he said that Shi took the photo – and I’m wowed again. Creative with a camera as well…

Some instant favs are tracks with Dick (Richard) on double bass, or with Haddock on his fretless. But listen to all of them, and then consider to download and pay for this to support us a bit. I paid for that download myself, and it’s so totally worth it in my opinion.

Your taste might differ of course, but there are lots of albums on the ‘loops – so browse the collection and see if there’s something you like. I just happen to love this one. Published on Christmas 2015 by OliVBee.

As always, thanks for reading, and for listening.

Well isn’t that just lovely?

I have written about Lars Danielsson before, but when I (re-)watched some videos of him in a real cool trio this evening I saw that I hadn’t posted or written about them yet.

So here’s one of my favourite trios of this time, from Poland, Sweden, and Israel, with “Incognitor”:

Możdżer Danielsson Fresco – Incognitor, Gdańsk 2005

Lars isn’t an awesome bass player only, he’s also really great on the Cello. So this one is for our fellow Wikiloops musician Klaudia aka “Jamlady“:

Lars Danielsson and Leszek Mozdzer – Suffering (Danielsson)

As you have just heard, Lars is a good composer as well. Here is one which I knew already under a different title before hearing it, also a composition of Lars:

Możdżer Danielsson Fresco – Asta, Gdańsk 2005

Awesome, isn’t it? I heard it before as “The Linden”, from Youn Sun Nah, also with him and with Ulf Wakenius playing a real good guitar solo on it:

Youn Sun Nah – The Linden

This is one of three CDs which I have from her – and it seems that I’ll have to get her latest as well. Here’s a short teaser from Mme Nah herself:

Youn Sun Nah Trio Immersion

And as always, thanks for reading / watching / listening.

Girl power

After posting Chelsea’s story about her build of a Rickman motorcycle lately, I thought that I had seen more videos of girls and women doing great things lately, so here are a few more. First, it’s about motorcycles again, and about two friends from Australia having a good time with their Yamahas:

Stories of Bike | Sister (A ’94 Yamaha SRV250 Story)

But back to music. Also from down under I found a great guitar player lately, Stephanie Jones. And this is about as perfect as it can be:

Latin Fingerstyle On A Classical Guitar

And here’s a singer from UK, performing a classic here in Germany ca. 2 years ago. And yes I know – Joss Stone has the same song also with Jeff Beck and others, but I prefer this one – which simply took my breath away. This lady really got the Blues:

Joss Stone – I Put A Spell On You (Jazzwoche, 2017)

In Wikiloops we also have great singers of course, and I was surprised to find one of us doing a cover in the ‘tubes from some 4 or more years ago – but what a lovely one it is. So listen to our Ms Shi in this one:

CLASSIC POP COVER SONGS- “Walk On By” (Alan Curtis Cover)

Oh, and before I forget it: 3 days ago it was Audrey Hepburn’s birthday, she would have turned 90 by now. So let’s celebrate and remember her a bit as well:

Happy Birthday Audrey Hepburn!!! (Culture Code – Make Me Move ft. Karra)

As always, thanks for reading, listening, and watching.

“… like Mother Earth against your body …”

These two artists are on a totally different level – otherworldly. Listen:

Jazz House Kids – Inside the Jazz Note with Esperanza Spalding hosted by Christian McBride

It was published on my birthday 8 years ago. Wow is about all I can say.

Thanks for listening.

Blues Know No Colour

What a cool and lovely remix from Brian on one of my latest ones:

This track is embedded with the friendly permission by the creatives on

Hm, the player embedding doesn’t seem to work (yet) in the new v11 of Wikiloops, just opened a bug report, we’re working on it… until then, please listen to the songs at their source, which is (and will stay) Wikiloops of course. Brian’s latest is here


Japanese Samba

Listen to this awesome version of Mas que nada:

Pink Martini&Saori Yuki – マシュ・ケ・ナダ / Mas que nada

As always, thanks for reading, viewing, listening, and/or commenting. And have a good start into the week tomorrow.

Eight photos I took in February

Zuleikha’s school has a short article which features some of the winners of their musical competition from last semester. I was using my 25mm lens because I had given the 14mm to Zuleikha who was also filming the event, so we have a video as well.

Here’s a small preview of the photos the school chose:

On the school’s article page you can click the images to see them a bit bigger. These are very talented young people, and I’m really looking forward to documenting them a bit more coming June.

As always, thanks for reading.

Above the clouds

Just a short chill with Niklas (Peter’s son), Mark, and Olivier who celebrates his birthday today:


As always, thanks for listening.