Daumenlage / Thumb position

This is what separates a double bass from an electric one:

Daumenlage / Thumb position, Schlitz 2019

Another photo from Alexander Dawo which I took last week in Schlitz. And yes, he explained to me later how to get in and out of this Daumenlage…

As always, thanks for reading and viewing.

In German / Auf Deutsch: Konzert der Musikklassen der Prälat Diehl Schule Groß-Gerau

Nachdem ich gestern bereits ein Video der Alumni Big Band zusammen mit “den Sängerinnen” hochgeladen hatte folgt nun die erste Hälfte des Konzerts von Sonntag en bloc. Das Programm und die Titel sind:

  1. Cheerleader – Brass & Co. (Leitung Frau Nägler)
  2. See you again – Brass & Co.
  3. Forrest Gump – Orchester (Leitung Frau Blum)
  4. Fire – Orchester
  5. Cute – Big Band (Leitung Herr Dr. Eckhardt)
  6. Get back – Big Band
  7. Dinner for one – Alumni Big Band (Leitung Herr Dr. Eckhardt)
  8. Indiferencia – Alumni Big Band
  9. Children of Sanchez – Alumni Big Band
Konzert der Musikklassen der Prälat Diehl Schule Groß-Gerau

Die zweite Hälfte – also alles was nach dem bereits gezeigten “Adios Axelito” gespielt wurde – werde ich in einzelne StĂĽcke aufteilen.

Wie immer vielen Dank fĂĽr’s Lesen, Zusehen, Zuhören usw.

Brian McIntyre: Release The Love

I’m still processing videos of the PDS students while I write this, but some of my friends from Wikiloops are also active. And just a few moments ago I saw that Brian has uploaded a nice remix of a song on which I played as well. Here it is:

“Release The Love” on Wikiloops (clicking on the track ID also leads you there)

That makes the list of musicians as it is for now:

Thanks to Brian for this nice addition. And as always, thanks for listening.

Alexander Dawo

Here’s a photo of Alexander Dawo with his nice 5-string double bass by Pöllmann. If I remember it correctly, the instrument is from around 1960, so almost my age. And although it’s a cheaper one of the Pöllmann instruments, it’s still 5-digit (almost double of our used Toyota). Alex and his instrument sound very good…

Alexander Dawo with his 5-string Pöllmann double bass, Schlitz 2019

He brought some copies of a CD on which he played, so I bought one from him. It’s this one.

As always, thanks for reading.

Adios Axelito – Alumni Big Band der Prälat Diehl Schule GroĂź-Gerau

As I wrote during the last days already, I’ve had the pleasure and the honour to be invited to document a three day rehearsal plus one day of concert of different bands and classes of Zuleikha’s high school, so from last Thursday to Sunday I went to Landesmusikakademie Hessen with them.

I took photos and videos using three cameras plus a portable 4 track audio recorder, and collected some 100GB of data – all of which now has to be edited, cut, and so on. And starting from today these photos and videos are to be presented to the participants and of course to their parents and families.

Here’s a first one – a song by German composer / arranger /conductor / band leader Kurt Klose, called “Adios Axelito”:

Adios Axelito – Alumni Big Band der Prälat Diehl Schule GroĂź-Gerau

My videos and photos aren’t perfect – but what is? I hope you’ll see that we all have had some fun during last week. And now we have something nice to remember 🙂

You can hear these artists again today at their (former, for some) school. Entrance is free.

Thanks for reading / watching / listening.

Alba Armengou: When you’re smiling

While sitting on a bench in front of Hallenburg Castle one evening last week, one of the teachers mentioned Alba Armengou singing “When you’re smiling” – which made me smile as well. The song is very famous, and was sung by many famous artists like Billie Holiday, but Alba, wow, that’s another story.

On his DVD documentation “A film about kids and music”, director Ramon Tort wrote the following:

In 2009, I was filming a live concert by the Sant Andreu Band for a DVD recording. The concert was at the Palau de la Música, in Barcelona, which was packed and had been sold out. When Alba Armengou, who was then 7 years old, finished the final phrase of the chorus When you’re smiling and began playing the trumpet, the Palau stood in awe, the whispers became an ovation and I, with tears in my eyes, stopped filming… at that moment I understood the need to begin this journey… the magical connection of these children with the audience, everything they give, they convey, encourage us to see and find out more in order to try and answer the questions raised when one faces something so mesmerizing.

You can read more about his great film here, and buy it here. Really, you should. It’s that good.

And the DVD ends with that title, featuring the 7 year old Alba. Like “our” teacher Mrs. Nägler said: “too cute!”

Kids and Music – Sant Andreu Jazz Band

I’m so glad that I had a few days with the PDS students and teachers…

More about that later. For now, as always, thanks for reading, watching, and listening.