A few more cool videos

Here’s another great lesson from the Vox Earworm Channel on Youtube: I know most of the music presented here, but it’s surely another thing if you are younger than me. And the channel as a whole is good – even Mike loves it! And here’s a different, funnier one – featuring our “marmotte” from Wikiloops: […]

Joe Bonamassa – “Sloe Gin”

Really diggin’ the Blues again lately. Here’s a good one, I know that song from when I was young. And an awesome power performance as well, showing how a Paula should be used: I also listened to some real old stuff, but as you see and hear, there’s hope with those who are still living […]

6 steps

So I finally played a bass onto that awesome track from OliVBee, Marceys, WhiteDrum55, and Moonchild, keeping my double length template for it: This track is embedded with the friendly permission by the creatives on wikiloops.com. That one was real fun to work with. Thanks for listening. And now I’m really curious if anything else […]

Magalí Datzira sings Nature Boy

Oh wow – sometimes Joan Chamorro and his students take difficult pieces which they study and perform. But this one, wow – even with much too much reverb (recorded from camera mic instead of mixing console?), this is so good: Oh, and Magalí is a real good double bass player as well as you might […]

Music. Photography. Design.

Wow – this is super interesting, because it brings together all these creative arts: Thanks Estelle – this video and the one about Giant Steps brought you a new subscriber! To my readers: you know I love both music *and* photography – thanks for your interest as well!