You Play On

Just published a new album on Wikiloops, and here’s its front cover from Flickr:

You Play On by wjl & friends, hear it on Wikiloops

Photo: “Photo of Woman Sitting on Chair”, Jorge Fakhouri Filho

As always, thanks to my friends on Wikiloops, and to Richard & family. Thanks to you for listening, downloading, and so on… hope you’ll like it 🙂

Setting output levels in Ardour

Some fellow musician in Wikiloops asked about output levels of songs, and how to get these. I tried to answer it to my best knowledge, and also explained how *I* do this using Ardour. Since version 6.3 of Ardour there are two ways to export to a certain loudness level, and I hadn’t fully explained that before, so I did it now – and made a short howto video about it:

short loudness tutorial ardour6

In case that is useful, I’m glad that I could help. And as always, thanks for reading, and watching/listening.

You play on

What an awesome track from Anne and from Benjamin – just had to grab one of my instruments and to play… listen to “You play on” on Wikiloops please, and if you like it give some thumb ups to the musicians. Thanks!

P.S.: got a remix from David after an hour or so already – thanks a lot my friend!

As always, thanks for listening.

Up in D Dorian

Sat down with my guitar to try out recording with the new Ardour 6.8, then decided to speed up the whole thing, and to continue with an off-beat metronome, and with my bass. I uploaded the whole short uptempo track plus one with my bass only to Wikiloops, now hoping for remixes onto this shorty:

As always, thanks for listening.

What a nice remix!

Got a remix on a duet of Shi & me yesterday, from Croatian drummer ‘denisk’ who didn’t only play the perfect drums for the track, but also added his first ever guitar recording on our classic (in Jazz) ii-V-I progression. I also really like how he resolved my tritone in the middle, really cool. So what started as a lovely gospel-like a capella in Wales now went through Europe in a \ (backslash) kind of line…

Don’t touch, on Wikiloops

Thanks again to ‘denisk’ and to Shi – and thanks to you for listening.

Cold rain

I had this track on my computer since quite a while, and finally sat down to remix it, and to play a very sparse bass onto it as well:

Thanks to Fabricio L and to Shi for their wonderful music, and thanks to you for listening.

Mobile phone as a dashcam

We – the collective “we” – are documenting our lives using mobile phones by now, all around the globe, using them for photos, videos, everything. And lately I saw some videos where people used mobile phones instead of action cams, like on bicycles, motorcycles, and in cars. So I thought “Why not?”, and since we all have these devices already, we might as well use them.

So I bought a car holder, an adapter for power, and tried it today. We were driving from one of the big supermarkets in Germany (Aldi) to another (Rewe), which took about 8 minutes, and I’ve used two recent tracks from Wikiloops on which I’ve played the double bass, “Colours“, and “Going down” for the video:

Got another holder for the bicycle as well – and maybe I’ll try that one tomorrow…

As always, thanks for reading, viewing, and listening. And of course thanks to my friends over at the ‘loops as well 🙂

Didn’t know that I’m on Reverbnation as well…

Just found myself on Tom’s pages there:

Listen to Aaron’s beautiful guitar solo there. So this seems to be my Wikiloops track 146415, together with Haffast’s guitar from #147068 – but without Titus’ keys… and Aaron also had a video of himself playing, also featuring his cat:

Lovely… <3

I’m on more of Tom’s tracks there, here’s one from an album where he featured Shi obviously:

As always, thanks for listening.