I played on another branch of this track already, and after Oliv corrected my timing in one of his fabulous remixes, I decided to also put out a corrected version further up of the ladder, just to keep it open for further remixes – so here you go, with just OliVBee, Marceys & me in that new version and upload of ‘Colours‘.

Oh, and while exporting my combined bass tracks from Ardour 6.7 to use them in Harrison Mixbus, I saw that the export analysis in 6.7 has a new look – it’s cool I think:

Very nice, and very useful to see that new LUFS analysis section – I love it…

So thanks again to both Oliv and Marc for the fun, to Paul Davis & his crew for developing Ardour (and thus, Mixbus which is based upon it), and thanks to you for listening 🙂