Statistics at year’s end

For whatever it might be worth, here are my website stats over this year (with today not being over, so this last day of the year is missing): I don’t know if my joining of Wikiloops had anything to do with the increase you are seeing, but since I joined in February and returned from […]

Wow. This really works…

Some 3 months ago I’ve finally set up encryption on this server again, using the relatively new LetsEncrypt certificates and routines. And because it’s now almost 3 months ago and I knew that these certificates would expire, I assumed that I still had to tweak a bit, and to interact to keep it going. But […]

Gonna support Richard

I just discovered and then joined wikiloops at the beginning of this year (2018). And I will become a supporting member as soon as I’m back home today. Here’s Richard, the founder of this cool project: See it like this: it’s like your rehearsal room for which you pay a low monthly rent. But into […]

Recommended: Scott’s Bass Lessons

From time to time I unsubscribe from all Youtube channels (except my wife’s of course). But now that I bought a bass, I re-subscribed to Scott Devine, who can be found here: Here’s an interview with him: Thinking of also joining his academy for 14$/month – that’s way cheaper than any real […] is 15. Or was it 16?

Today I was working on our server a bit, updating and checking things, and everything runs smoothly. I was wondering about the past a bit while I did all this, and so I checked. Netcraft first “saw” us in the year 2000, which means that I used Netcraft’s services to check on us. The Internet […]

The server is running again

Ok – I have completely reinstalled our virtual server from scratch, starting with a minimal Debian 7 “Wheezy” image, and during the last two days I installed and configured every service you need on such an internet server. Mail was the biggest problem due to some silly config error, but that is up and running […]